Friday, September 27, 2013

Life with Red Ruth: The Hangers

Hey, well it's only been six months. But, I'm a full time stay-at-home homeschooling mom now who does freelance on the side, so I CAN BLOG AGAIN! Awww...*hugging computer*

Thank you guys for hanging with me and being so supportive. Really. It means the world.

Please excuse the "mess" on here. I'm working on updating everything, but it's taking me awhile. I love designing for others...hate doing something for myself. I'll catch you up on errythang later, but here's a Red Ruth for you! 

David is the SWEETEST guy. I mean...THE. SWEETEST. GUY. I can't even tell y'all how lucky I am. He's amazing. I definitely got the good end out of that deal. He never complains about anything. I picked out every single color of paint in our house and either he just easily loves it all or is being so generous and kind and lying about it. And I love him for that. He's so laid back and easy-going. He doesn't get frustrated with me when I ask him to explain an economic or accounting principle 100 times because the first 99 times, I wasn't listening/was bored. He's perfect.

And there are really only maybe 3 things we bicker about. Everything else, I'm just right about. 

1. The dishwasher. He loads it like there's an award for dishwasher loading and the record officials will show up at ANY MINUTE with balloons and confetti to recognize him for the most BEAUTIFULLY LOADED DISHWASHER EVER...and expects me to do the same. I set personal challenges for myself to see if I can get even more in there today than I did yesterday. Maybe it gets everything clean the first go-round, maybe not. But, I loaded 128 pieces of dinnerware in there today, so BOOM. David doesn't take too kindly to that. 

2. The glasses of water EVERYWHERE. Have you seen Signs? The M. Night Shyalamananan movie about the aliens? David is the little girl. He leaves glasses of water everywhere. I mean, everywhere. I've found one in Sutton's closet before. Behind the toilet. On the trampoline. INSIDE THE MAILBOX. And maybe one day we'll have an alien invasion and the glasses of water will save us and then I'll apologize, but for NOW...freak of nature, PUT YOUR GLASSES UP. One is all you need...take your sip, put it in the sink! Or put it in your precious dishwasher. 

3. The hangers in the closet. When you take an article of clothing off the rack, you put the empty hanger at the end of the line of clothes. RIGHT?? That is what you do. That way, when you put up laundry, all the hangers you need are right there. David will just pull it off and leave the hanger there...sometimes it's sticking straight up in the air, caught between two pairs of jeans. 


I found 17...SEVENTEEN...hangers mixed in his side of the closet the other day. 


So...that's what I'm dealing with...and can I help it if Red Ruth comes out?