Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crazies, Sweet Hugs, One Month Pictures


Ruth's Facebook status: What the mess is Farmville? And why is the world enslaved by it?

CJ Sparky (name slightly altered to protect the innocent - A brilliant musician and one of my professors in college): I got on because my son said, "Mom, join Farmville! I need help!" So...I did...now I just want to get the mansion and I'm done!!!

Due to lack of sleep, my mom, David and I have turned into...well, crazy people. We were already a little off in the head, but now it's a permanent mental state. Here are a few examples of what we've been doing...

Mom called David the other day to get him to pick up some stuff from Target for us on his way home from work...her list included: Salad, Diet Dr. Peppers, and Red Delicious Diapers

Mom was writing the shopping list and I asked her to put "yoga pants" on there for me because I wanted to get some. Reading the list later in the store, I pondered for awhile what "yogurt pants" were.

David was feeding Harper the other day and had finished burping her halfway through the bottle, set her back down and put the pacifier in her mouth and just watched her. I asked, "Is she finished with her bottle?" He answered, "No, she's still drinking." I responded with, "Well, she's going to be disappointed with the supply of milk the pacifier provides." He sighed and replaced the pacifier with the bottle.

I sit down to pump earlier today...hmmm, 'bout 10 minutes in, I look down to see how much I had and realized I hadn't attached bottles to the pumps. Yeah, I was pumping directly onto my pants. I, of course, had to change clothes.

We don't call the girls by their names anymore...it's "this one" and "that one" now.

Mom was fixing herself some of the Starbucks instant coffee the other morning and put her mug filled with water into the microwave. Later in the morning, she was looking all over for her heated mug of water in which to pour the mix. She found her mug of water in the cabinet where the mugs are stored.

The other day, I tried in vain for several minutes to take out my contacts. I had just woken up and had opened my contact case to put them IN and sat there wondering where my contacts were and why had my eyeballs eaten them.

All three of us have woken up repeatedly searching the bed for the babies. Mom and I always dream that the babies are in the beds with us and we search the sheets trying to find them. Last night, I kept feeling David's legs because I thought one of the girls was laying on his legs. Even when my mom went home one weekend, she woke my dad up trying to find the baby's head.

At night, when I take my shower, I wash my hair about 73 times because I can't remember if I've washed it yet or not.

These are just a few of the less embarrassing things we've done.

I just have to brag on my sweet Hugs for a second. When we were in the hospital, he ever so sneakily laid a velvet box on my bed and I said, "Well, what is THIS?" I opened it and looooooook!

It's a diamond and topaz eternity band. (Topaz is December's birthstone.) Such a sweetheart! I asked how he knew they'd be born in December because he had ordered it weeks before. He said he just knew they would be. Awwwww...I also think he prayed HARD for the tax deductions.

I'm gonna try to get pictures of them every month to see how chunky they get. They did pretty well during this shoot.

The photo shoot ended shortly after these were taken.


  1. I STILL wake up searching the bed for Levi!! Its the strangest thing. And I wake up FREAKING out when I can't find him. Kids make crazies out of us.

  2. So sweet and so fun. You are too funny Ruth. You seriously make me laugh!

  3. i very rarely laugh out loud reading something on someone's blog. but i did here, multiple times. can't wait to meet the little cuties. double the fun, right?!
    love you!

  4. Drive carefully. It is not only cars that can be recalled by their Maker.............................................

  5. I love the last picture!! Oh they are so adorable. I honestly just can't imagine having two babies at the same time! One was hard enough! And, you seriously crack me up. I love reading your updates. Hang in there, in the next 7 months it'll get easier (if you can make it that long:)


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