Wednesday, February 3, 2010

5 Weeks

Oh, the things people say...I'm surrounded by ridiculous people (that I love) who say the darndest things. I'm gonna start this new thing where I have a quote of the day at the beginning of every post.

David to Sara: I have a co-worker who has twins. They're both 10.
Ruth (mumbling under breath): I should hope so.

So, the girls turned 5 weeks today (Wednesday). Five weeks...when you think about that time frame in the grand scheme of a baby's life, that's not that big of a deal. But when you think about the fact that you haven't slept in five weeks...weeeeell, it changes your perspective...that's a long time. You guys should see my eyes...seriously. My make-up can no longer conceal the darkness that has inhabited my eye sockets. I don't even bother anymore. And I have some pretty good concealer. But you know, when you're really tired, everything seems funnier. So, we're happy. And at the end of the day, it's so much fun. And by "fun" I mean, that the more I think about it, the more that two daughters seems like JUUUUST the right amount of children for our family. These girls are a joy and I love talking to them and playing with them and I just keep reminding myself that one day, they'll be able to do all the chores around the house and I'll get to boss them around. Yesssssss. My two little tax deductions.

We're guesstimating (by weighing myself on the scale and then holding one of the girls and weighing again) that they're around 9.5 - 10 pounds now. Oh, yes. My parents got us a LOAD of newborn diapers because #1. We figured they'd weigh about 4 pounds each when they were born and #2. We had no idea they'd be eating hamburgers in the middle of the night and growing ferociously by the second. So, we've got about a week left before we upgrade to the Stage 1 diapers. But, I'll tell you...these Pampers Swaddlers are the what what. They have stopped a massive blowout dead in its tracks. They have held back the torrential force of Niagara Falls. Who knew the lower end of babies could be so dangerous? These diapers knew, that's who.

So, LEGS. SHAVED. For the first time since proooobably October, I shaved my legs the other night. I had to shave only from the knee down during that time because the gut was in the way. Then, after the surgery, I couldn't bend down far enough to reach my ankles. It was a no-win situation, so I just let it go. It was like Wolfman. Thank goodness it was winter. And now they're smooth as noodles. I figured you were concerned about this. Just wanted to update you.

Got to watch LOST last night (Tuesday). Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? So many questions...not even going to try to understand. Gosh, I love that show. And I am SO happy this is the last season. I've spent the past 5 years of my life trying to figure it out and now it'll be over with...guys, we can rest now. My piece of advice to those of you who have never seen the show...DON'T. Just stay away from it. Don't get sucked in. It's a black hole of confusion and despair. Leave it alone.

The whole "you can't spoil a newborn" theory is a load of bright yellow baby poo. These kids are rotten...I mean...ROT. TEN. And I swear they know it. Still don't believe me? How is it that a baby can go from screaming with the force of a thousand warriors when lying in her chair to cooing ever so sweetly the MOMENT you pick her up? I'm telling you. ROT. TEN. I'm a cry-it-out kind of gal (I realize that method doesn't work for everybody), but oh no, you can't let a baby cry it out until they're at least 3 months old. So...I shall have to wait and continue to soothe little baby girls...even though those suckers KNOW they're manipulating me. They have the saddest little cries. They make the most pitiful and hilarious faces. It's just funny to me how it can be the end of the world one second lying in the crib, but the MOMENT they're picked up, it's "Oh, hello. Hi. Didn't realize I was making so much noise. How's it going? Wanna play?"

I ordered a double jogging stroller the other day and got it in yesterday. It's awwweeesssooommmeee (and 25% off). I can't wait for the girls to get a tad bit bigger so they can push me in it while they jog.

Here is a little peek into my life...

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