Monday, October 1, 2012

Biggest Fake-Out Ever

If there's anything that's a certainty in life, it's that you can never predict when a baby will come. Even if you have a scheduled induction or C-section...that don't mean they comin' at that time. For instance, I "planned" on having Sutton this weekend. I've been planning for months. I had perfectly good reasons, too.

#1. It was right after 38 weeks, so he was considered completely full-term, but still early enough to avoid another C-section.
#2. He would be born in September, my favorite month.
#3. He possibly would be born on the 30th of September. The girls were born on December 30, so easy to remember.'s the coolest thing...the girls' birthday is 12/30/09. His would have been 09/30/12! Whaaaaaaaaaaaa?? I mean...that doesn't just HAPPEN, you know. How awesome would that have been?!
#4. His birthstone would have been blue and then I could have gotten a blue gemstone ring made for all of our birthdays...March (David): aquamarine, September (me and Sutton): sapphire, December (Harps and PL): blue topaz. I mean...COME ON!!!

However, God and baby Sutton had different plans. And that's okay, because God's timing and plans are always waaaaay better than what we had going on. Even if during your prayers, you may or may not remind God of how awesome it would be if he was born on September He doesn't know all of my weird number things. Anyways.

Friday and Saturday, I had fewer Braxton Hicks contractions than normal. I thought for sure my body was saving it all up for Sunday. I just knew that was the case. Sunday...still nothing. I was getting severely upset about this. I was starting to obsess looking at the clock. "Well, it's 12:37 p.m. That means I have less than 12 hours to go into labor and have a baby to still make this day." Y'all, it was getting ridiculous. Also, I was emotional and hormonal because I am SO tired and my back is killing me and my hips are killing me and I'm so ready to be unpregnant. I miss picking up and holding and squeezing my baby girls. I mean, I hug them, of course, but I can't play on the floor with them and they want me to pick them up and spin them around and I can't. I can't wait for them to get to hold their baby brother. I got a little snuggly giraffe for him similar to the little bear and lamb that sweet Brandi got them when they were babies and they want so badly to give it to him. I'm just ready, you know. And I know, technically, I still have almost 2 more weeks until my due date, but I need to him to come asap.

So, last night, about 5:30 p.m., I started having contractions. I decided to start timing them just to see. They were about 9-15 minutes apart...just out of the blue. And getting stronger. I timed for 2 hours. They had gotten to 6-8 minutes apart and I called the hospital like my little sheet said to do. You're supposed to call at every 5 minutes for the first pregnancy and at every 10 minutes for second and subsequent pregnancies. Dr. Mac was on call. He said to mark the time between the stronger contractions for another 2 hours. He also said it could be the barometric pressure. We had some rain yesterday and apparently, your uterus does weird stuff when it rains. WHAT? Who knew, right?

So, I timed for some more and the contractions got stronger...started hurting my back and lowers...but nothing was unbearable. I was like, "Shoot, I ain't going in unless my water breaks or unless I can't talk through a contraction." The last thing I wanted to do was get all the way there, they check me (which hurts like a fool), and then they send me back home like I know they do so often. I was gonna wait until I couldn't move. I took a shower and we went to bed. Strong contractions through the night, but they started spreading further and further apart. Just an overall feeling of being uncomfortable, which is laaaaame.

I swear he's holding on with grappling hooks, ice picks, and an iron grip. I can feel all of it. But it's cool. He's worth the wait. He'll get here when he's ready.

Also, guys...candy corn is out. The good kind. O happy month of October!


  1. Oh praise the Lord for candy corn. It's not quite candy, it's not quite corn...IT'S CANDY CORN!!!

  2. He will be here on the 14th like he suppose to be!

    Love you so much,
    Uncle Greg


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