Thursday, September 27, 2012


Oh my word, this week has been the week that will never end. It's not been a bad week at all. Work's been great, the girls have been great. I just can't walk or bend over or DO anything and yet, I'm home alone with two very active tornadoes who...let's just say, if you want to see a room completely transformed in under 3 seconds, just call my kids over. It's a pretty special event. And they've been so good and know I can't pick them up, which kills me. Because they'll be like, "Hold me, Mommy," and then the other one will say, "Momma can't do it. Baby Sutton in 'dar." ("in there") And I want to hold them and get on the floor and play with them. And pick up toys like a normal person. 

I know I've said this for like, weeks, now, but I'm just ready. I am ready to be able to tie my shoes. And have my face back. And be able to hug people without just mushing my belly into them and trying to wrap my T-rex arms around. I'm ready for my wedding rings to fit. And for everything else to fit. Okay, whine over. 

I DID go back to see Dr. Mac yesterday and we're getting somewhere!! Just 1 cm dilated and 70% effaced, but it's better than nothing, I s'pose. Last time I was 1 cm dilated, I went into labor on my own 3 days later, so...WE SHALL SEE. I would be perfectly happy if he came this weekend. Like...WAY happy. But, I can't make him. Dr. Mac said he doesn't want to do a c-section since everything looks so great for me to have a VBAC, so we're not scheduling anything. He thinks I'll go way before my due date anyway, so I think we're in the clear. 

I know everybody says they have the best friends ever and I think that's cute, but it's wrong. Because, I have the best friends ever. Saturday night, I had a ladies' night with Kelly, Ashley, Audry, and sweet little Megs, and we celebrated baby Sutton with crazy good food and fun and pajamas and dancing (from them, I sat on the couch). Such a good time! I love those girls.

Then on Sunday, my gals (Amanda, Brandi, Tris, Senia, Tiffany, Malinda, and Erin), had an amazing tea party shower for me. Malinda told me a few months ago they wanted to have a shower for me and I felt so weird about doing a shower for a second baby, but she shut me up and I have just been so overwhelmed by the love and encouragement and friendship from these hostesses and guests and friends and family. They are all amazing. And it's just humbling. This little guy has gotten so much love already and he's still just squirming away in mah tummy, completely oblivious. I have some great pictures that Miz Di and Sara and Malinda took, but I haven't had a chance to load them to my computer yet, but here are a few I stole from Malinda's FB page. Y'all, it was the most adorable shower. I know it was my own, but I can still say that. Tea parties are SO much fun and y'all should have seen the food and decor. And we got the CUTEST stuff for Sutts. My friends are insanely talented and so thoughtful. It was perfect. 

Me and the hostesses (Erin was out of town, but there in spirit!). There are actually 11 people in this picture. Hmmmmm... and with Erin there, there would have been 13. WHAAAAAA? It's like a riddle.

It was just a good good good good weekend. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow. I really will try. Y'all have got to see what these girls did. 

SOOOO...the house. Y'all...Y'ALL.
Don't ever build a house. No, I take that back. You can build a house. Just make sure you at least double the expected build time and quadruple the expected stress. David keeps telling me, "It'll be worth it," and I wrote that down on a post-it, crumpled it up, threw it away, got it out of the trash, straightened it up, put it back on my monitor, and did it all over again. But yes, one day, it'll be worth it. Almost four weeks ago, we went out to the lot after they did the initial staking to show placement of the house. The builder walked us through all looked great. So, we gave them the go-ahead. We go back out the next day because they framed the foundation and put up the EPA trash barrier. The trash barrier was in a weird place. It encompassed part of the yard, but then went waaaaay down this hill in the back and to the side. We knew we were sitting up on a hill, but were told the hill was not part of our lot. So, we called the agent and asked, "Hey, the barrier isn't signifying where our lot is, right?" And she's like, "No no no, they just have to put that up to keep trash from rolling down the hill while they build. But, I'll double-check to make sure." She calls us back 3 minutes later and says, "Okay, so yeah, that is your yard." 

Basically, our wonderful lot that we had picked out back in 1839 now had 40% of it going down an unusable hillside. Like, crazy steep hill. Sure, we could have gotten a lot of videos of the kids falling down it, but...probably not the best idea. And sure, if we were a couple not planning on having kids or an older couple with older kids or kids out of the house, it would have been just fine. But, we've got kids who desperately (well, I desperately need them to have it ) need a yard. And that was the whole point of picking out a large lot in the neighborhood.  So, obviously, we were quite upset that they failed to tell us about the lot being down the hill. We've walked it a ton of times with the builder. Turns out, that builder had only see the flat piece of paper with the lot dimensions laid out and wasn't aware that it did go down the hill. So, they didn't fail to tell us this information on purpose. Just an oversight and once it was surveyed by the city, they discovered the hill was part of the yard and it was scooted over further than they thought. Fine fine, but thank goodness we went out there because they were about to pour the foundation. 

So, after almost four weeks of them getting new permits and a new survey and us fussing about it, we got the lot moved one over. Same size as the other lot, but now we actually have all of the land as a flat space. Sure, it would have been nice to be on the edge, overlooking a hill and the neighborhood, but I'd rather have one extra neighbor and a much larger yard. 

Here you can see...the red was our original lot. The stripes signify where our lot is and where the hill is. It's a little hard to tell from the aerial shot, just trust me. The blue is our new lot and we can use all of the land. So, it worked out. And they staked the yard Monday, we went out there Monday night, approved it, and now they're framing and pouring the foundation this week. So much for being done before Thanksgiving. But, that's okay. I'd rather have a house with a yard.

Also, my parents left for Zion Canyon yesterday, so I'm moody today. And so jealous. They stopped at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon yesterday afternoon  and spent the night. They'll be heading to Zion today. Same route we took last October. GYAH, that was such a great vacation. 

Well, all the laundry's done. All the dishes are done. The apartment is completely clean. All of Sutton's clothes are washed and ready. Diapers and wipes out. Baby swing and bouncer and sleeping chair and Boppy pillow are set up and ready to go. Mine, his, and the girls' bags are packed. Frozen meals in the fridge. Freelance done. I've got to finish up some thank you notes. Y'all...I am done. Let's do this. Come on, Suttsman! 

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  1. You look great and I loved seeing Malinda's baby bump! So cute!


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