Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Twins Have Something to Say

Mamaw G, sitting on the couch reading a magazine:
This J. Crew magazine is filled with the dumpiest clothes I've ever seen. They look like old sacks with buttons sewn on, then trampled through the dirt, then put on a model with the price jacked up to beyond believable. Why anyone would want to buy these clothes is beyond me.

Ruth, sheepishly looking down, head hung low, a little pouty...after just finishing dog-earring the pages of the clothes in that same magazine she was so excited about ordering:
Yeah...old sacks. Crazy.

No. I rock.

En garde!

The voices...they tell me things...evil things...

On an abandoned, rural road...you can find yourself...find peace, find solace...go there, and embrace your destiny.
Or sleep.
Zip it with your new age mumbo jumbo and push...slacker.

Bored. Just me and my block head...all alone. Sigh.

Woo hoo.


What IS the meaning of life?

La la la la laaaaaaa...ahem...ahhheeeemm...red leather yellow leather...ahheeem...la la laaaa...
Okay. I'm ready now. Give me an A flat.

Madame Zirinka say I see many many things in your future. Let me see your hand...AH! Take it away! I cannot look. This does not bode well for you...I must consult my crystal pacifi...uhm, ball.

Dance, monkey, dance!

Yes, I am adorable. No need to put it on my clothing.

Watch how fast I am...quick like a snake, strong like a bear. Whoooooooooooooooo...hi YAH!

Bring me Solo and the Wookiee. They will all suffer for this outrage.

Mini-celebration. Yaaay.

From the depths of the earth crawls forth the undead...
Mangled limbs reaching toward the living...
Grasping at any chance to pull them down down DOWN into the worm-infested pits of...
What? Geez, Mom. She asked for a ghost story.
I can't sleep. I can't sleep...

I have a question...and it pertains to my missing hand.

Ah...c'est la vie...

Heh heh Smokey Joe! You bring me them cigahs I ah-dahed?

Bottle goes here.

Your opinion is not plausible...or wanted.

Glow Worms...the 2010 edition.

You messed with Gravy Louise one too many times, kid.
I'll show you what we do with messers. Look at me...look at me...
Uppercut! Uppercut!
Yeeeah heaaa...that's right...
Eat this knuckle sandwich I made just for you...no pickles, the way you like it!
What? You want some, too?! I think I have some leftover bread! Bring it...BRING IT!

Spare some change, sir?

Pssst...hey, kid. Hey, over here. Listen...times are tough...we gotta stick together.

My hands and I have some thoughts on the matter...but first, we rest.

Well, what do you expect me to do with it?

Rawwwwwwrrrrrr...the snow beast emerges from its hibernation...unleashing a path of fury and destruction upon mortal man.
Haaa, just kidding, it's only me. I won't eat you.

Ah, the sunlight! My vampire ways cannot bear the brilliance of day! My skin...ashes...oh, darkness, where art thou?

Don't look at me. I didn't order it.


  1. HILARIOUS! And adorable.

  2. Ahh I.LOVE.THEM! and you and David too!

  3. hahahahahaha!!!!

    so cute...

    and they DO look lie glow worms!! :)


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