Monday, February 20, 2012

Doozy of a Week

Sorry for the radio silence last week. It wasn't particularly crazy, much like the title of the post might imply. It was just too cold. Too cold, I tell you! There were just a lot of little things going on that added up. My fabulous mother came and stayed with us Tuesday night through Sunday morning. Dad was on call and Mom offered her services as animal wrangler for the week to give me a break. And it was very much appreciated. Four times a year, I design a fairly large booklet for work. This and last week is one of those times. I know four times a year doesn't sound like a lot, but on top of the regular work load and weekly things I do, adding that book to it stretches my creativity to the max. I am out. I only have a limited amount each month. So, whenever my posts sound especially like this: " be do da boooooooo heeeeey," it's probably because it's book week. Anyways!

Valentine's Day was awesome! My honey sent me the most beautiful flowers and we exchanged our favorite types of chocolates with each other–always my favorite part. He's so sweet and romantic. I'm lucky to have him. We also got the girls some little Valentine baskets filled with stickers and crayons and mini-M&Ms and Mickey Mouse flash cards and more stickers and glow stick bracelets. They loved everything, except Harper was terrified of the bracelets. Why? I don't know. When they stopped glowing, she was totally fine with it. Maybe she thought they were radioactive. I also got them a pack of Sour Patch kids thinking it'd be hilarious to get them on film eating them. My whole face sucks in when I eat those things, so I thought the girls were gonna freak. (Yes, yes, I'm a horrible parent.) Those kids were completely unfazed. They ate them like they were Cheerios. I was severely disappointed. Joke's on me, I guess.

We watched the Valentine's episode of New Girl, which Mom hated and repeatedly told us it was the "stupidest show she's ever seen." She says that about everything we watch, but it's strange because she asks us what's happening on House, Bones, and The Office all the time. This is a common, nightly exchange with Mom:

Ruth: Mom, do you want to watch House Hunters?

Mom: No, no. I'm just gonna take my shower and then crochet. Y'all watch whatever you want. I'm not gonna pay attention to it.

Ruth: Okey dokey. (flipping to New Girl...Ruth and David laughing at the antics of Schmidt)

Mom: Who is that?

Ruth: Schmidt.

Mom: Why is he such a pig?

Ruth: That's just the character, Mom.

Mom: Who is that girl and why is she so ditsy?

Ruth: That's Jess. And that's just how she is.

Mom: That makes so sense. They all live together in that apartment?

Ruth: Yes. It's a long story.

Mom: But, I---

Ruth: MOM! (TV paused) We have all the episodes. Do you want to watch them from the beginning so you'll know the whole story.

Mom: No. This is a stupid show. I'm not even watching. I'm crocheting.

Ruth: Okay then...shhhhhh... (TV unpaused)

Mom: But, why is she---

Ruth: They're all dead. This is a ghost story and it's very scary and you won't like it. Stop watching.

Mom: Oooh, I don't like scary movies.

Friday night, David kept the girls and Mom, Sara, and I ate at Flip Burger and then stormed Whole Foods. Whole Foods is on 280, as is Flip, so I rarely frequent those establishments. Highway 280 and I are not on the best of terms. But, it was a fun girl date!

Saturday, Mom kept the girls the whole afternoon and David and I went shoe shopping! You'll be surprised to find out that I did not try on a single pair of shoes. GASP. I know, I was shocked, too. David needed a whole new shoe wardrobe. We went and saw This Means War. I am the poster child for lover of romantic comedies. I never get tired of them. I usually base my movie-going decisions on if the normal people like the movie. If the critics like it, I know I'll probably hate it. If the critics hate it, I know I'll love it. That probably makes me an uncultured and shallow intellectual individual, but I don't want to pay to see something that makes me really sad. So, the critics hated This Means War and David read that it had awesome secret agent fights in it, so he said he'd see it, too. Y'all, it was adorable and way better than I thought it'd be. It had some great one-liners. I highly recommend it.

The weather has gotten colder and it was rainy all weekend. I loathe winter. I'm not even going to capitalize it. Doesn't Spring start next month? Blah.

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