Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mom: The Book Titler

Is titler a word? Title-er? One who titles books. So, Mom, the ever-supportive, ever-encouraging, and ever-nurturing mother decided the other day that I should write a book. She called me to declare this. This is the conversation that transpired:

"RUTH! I just read that blog post and laughed and laughed. I'm telling you, you should write a book!"

"You have to laugh. You're my mom. I do not have the literary mind, patience, or intellectual capacity to write a book. I would have a general "good" idea of a story, but not have a reasonable way get from point A to point B. Kind of like the writers of LOST. They made it up as they went along."

"No, no, it doesn't have to be a novel, but like a collection of short stories. Kind of how you write your blog."

"But a collection of short stories has to have a theme. My blog doesn't have a theme...well, except the theme of random."

"Yeah, but it's about your childhood and life in the present and having twins and life with twins and living in the South and what you eat...things like that."

"What did I just say about random?"

"I'm telling you..."

"Mom, no one is going to pick up a book a book titled 'Random Writings from Some Girl.' Only and handful of people even understand what I'm talking about half the time anyway."

"Well, no one would title a book that. You just have to have a good title and then write good stuff."

"EXACTLY. I appreciate your vote of confidence, but God did not put me on this Earth to write a collection of short stories. Some have that gift, I do not. I'll design you a logo, though."

(not listening) "We just need to come up with a good title. How about...(she spoke this in one, long, run-on sentence)
Life in the South
MY Life in the South
Life with Twins
Life in the South with Twins
Twins in the South
Having Twins
Stories from the South
Random Stories from the South from Someone with Twins
The South
Raising Twins with Life
A Designer Who Had Twins and Wrote Random Stories About Life in the South
Bogue and Weejer!
Things I..."
(trailing off in her own world)

So, folks, as you can see...we are on the cusp of a very good title for my non-collection of short stories of life with twins in the South.


  1. Twice as Southern.


  2. I actually like "Random Writings by Some Girl"

  3. I still think you should create a line of greeting cards - it fits your funny observations and artistic talents. btw, I also like "Random Writings by Some Girl" or maybe even "Random Writings by Some Southern Girl" just to stereotype yourself.

  4. You really could write a book! It is all the rage with bloggers right now. Or you could turn your entire extended family into a sitcom! That'd work too. You'd make millions. The world is too full of bad things and can use a good laugh.

  5. You could so write a book. Your mom is right you are hilarious.

  6. That should say: Your mom is right. You are hilarious.

    Wow, and I teach basic grammar and writing.

  7. I love that because I know you guys I read that whole post hearing your voices.

    LOST isn't a valid argument - look at the billions of people obsessed with it still. (including me)

    You just need a random title that has nothing to do with twins or the south or life. One word, a weird one, like snorkel or something.


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