Thursday, May 21, 2009

Changed My Mind

So, I'm gonna upload a few Bermuda pictures anyway, because I know some people (Uncle Greg) don't have Facebook and because I have a few extra minutes this morning. And because my mom said "Fireman-In" when I titled the last post "Cop-Out." 

Since Bermuda is surrounded by a huge coral reef, it's super dangerous for ships to approach the island. There is only one entrance. Once you're inside the reef, there are several harbors to "park." One of which is St. George's...which is where we parked. You enter through this tiny tiny opening called the Town Cut. See the little gray rocks on the right? That was an old fort...and when we sailed in, they fired a cannon at us and welcomed us into port. They have a town cryer and he screams out the time, day, weather, who's been gossiping and who's scheduled for a public dunking. 

We stayed parked at St. George's the whole time and toured around the island from there. The Bermuda Perfumery is in town and is a super neato place. It's been there for awhile apparently, owned by the same family for years. This is me with the owner in his Bermudian business suit. The Bermuda shorts and knee socks is considered formal wear. It was crazy to see grown men walking around in these. 
Perfumes...don't even get me started on the obNOXIOUS lady who was on the tour with us..."what is the binder you use for the perfumes? How do you clean the glasses because, as with all chemical compounds, the reactive reagent agent becomes a part of the equation and infiltrates the entire make-up of the liquid? What is the price of rose oil these days? Where do you obtain your animal oils? Is time travel possible?" SHUT UP WOMAN. Gyah. Mom and I just rolled our eyes at each other and stifled giggles. There's nothing worse than a know-it-all perfume tourist. 
The Perfumery

Also in St. George's is the Unfinished Church. Back in the something00's, the islands church community got together to build the church. They had a fought and split apart and the church was never finished. Mom said it'd be a great place for a wedding. 
We said it'd be a great place for some action shots!

We also went spelunking in two of Bermuda's many cave systems. Daddy loved it as you can see below.
This was an underground lake that we went swimming in. You know I don't like the cold, but I couldn't pass up the chance to swim in an underground pool of death.
This was the entrance to the cave from the outside. We were, thankfully, able to reach the lake through a non-underwater entrance. 

David and I spent one morning in glass-bottom kayaks. It was fabtastic. 
I found a pet urchin. Except I didn't find it and he wasn't a pet. The guide found it in the water and put it in my hand, which I did very good holding until it started moving and I started squealing and he just sat there laughing at me. I'm like, TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT! Because I didn't want to hurt's not its fault it's creepy and spikey. 
We also saw way more Portuguese Man of War than I was comfortable, no swimming for me. Considering their tentacles can reach up to 150 feet.
Happy Kayak

We also went on a boat ride that took us to see some of the rich and famous houses around the island...including this one that Oprah wanted to buy last year, but they wouldn't let her because she is not Bermudian. If you are Bermudian and are selling your house, you can only sell it to a Bermudian. If you are a foreigner and are selling your house, you can sell it to anybody. They're trying to weed out people. I wouldn't blame them. I'd kick 'em out, too. So, if you want to live in gotta find you a Bermudian and marry them. 

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Mom: "Ruth, if you took your camera off, it would look more realistic."
Ruth: "Mom, does anything about this situation seem realistic? I don't think they had banks back in the 1600's. I don't think taking the camera off would help in any way."

We toured a lighthouse...Gibb's Hill Lighthouse. I'm a little scared of heights, but I never let that stop me. I love roller coasters, I love ziplines, I love tall buildings...but I get a little wobbly up high. So, this was an adventure for me. David, Sara and Mom were all hanging over the railing, whilst Dad and I stayed with our backs against the lighthouse. 

We got to see several forts. This one is in Hamilton at the Dockyards. I cannot remember the name of it...The Keep or something...who knows. 
Inside the fort was the Commissioner's house from back in the 1700's. This was a private courtyard. 
I don't know why this is so funny to me, but Sara...just one more time, I promise. 
Ruth: Wow, this is a big table. I wonder how many chairs there are.
Sara: I dunno. Probably 70-80. 
Ruth: (counting) Yeah...more like 34. 
Sara: I was a little off. 
This was Fort St. Catherine over near where our boat was parked. 

At the Dockyards in Hamilton, we toured the glass factory and watched a demonstration. 

Captain Goran wanted a picture with us, so we said "okay, but you need to get back up to the bridge and drive." It's weird to see someone almost as short as me and David. 

There's going to have to be a whole nother post about this lady behind me...we called her Skin. More info to come.

Even Safari Jane needs a nap. 

Usually I proofread after I finish, but yeah...I'm not gonna, so if there are some typos, just deal. 


  1. thanks for the "fireman-in". i doubly enjoyed it!!

  2. The quotes and the action shots are my fave! Hahaha!


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