Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Things I Learned Over the Weekend

The world's WORST rubberneckers live in my town. People, it's a flat tire. I know the police lights are blue and pretty, but look forward and DRIVE. 

Just because you're putting a lot of energy bouncing up and down so your ponytail goes swish swish does not mean you're walking fast. You need to put more energy towards your forward momentum and get out of my way...you're blocking the hall. 

My grandfather (Mom's dad) has gone through the Korean War, three still-obnoxious kids (including my Mom [love you, Mom!]), years of teaching high school students, something-lateral bypass heart surgery, an internal defibrillator shocking session...but GOSH, he needs a hearing aid. 

I get a good bit of my personality and sass from my grandmother (Dad's mom). 

Humidity is dumb. 

Just because I will it to stop raining doesn't mean it will actually stop.

It rains way too much on the weekends. Especially a holiday weekend. 

Star Trek is just as good the second time around. 

Christian Bale's John Connor is waaaaaay better than Edward Furlong's obnoxious, whiny brat John Connor. 

I REALLY like mineral make-up. Ladies, eyeslipsface.com

When World Market has a sale, they have a SALE. 

There should be an age limit for cell phones...like cigarettes and alcohol. I think you should be at LEAST 23 before you are allowed to use a cell phone. Why are 4-year olds walking around with Blackberries? "OMG, did you see this picture I took of Sullivan at the party last weekend? So. Cute. (giggle giggle snort)." "He is so gorgeous, Samantha. You should totally ask him out." "OMG, he's texting me! HY SAM! HOW RU? URAQT. TTYL. EOIJ089CJ. TUVLW098." (giggle giggle snort giggle) "Oh, poop...my retainer fell out." 
I was 18 before I got my first real cell phone. This doesn't count the cinder block I used to have to carry in my car when I was starting to drive. 

Just because you're on the Do Not Call list doesn't mean telemarketers pay any attention to that. 

I love my friends. They are super. And by super, I mean they have actual superhero abilities. 

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