Monday, May 4, 2009

Over the Weekend

Thursday Night at 11:59 p.m. (so, TECHNICALLY, TECHNICALLY, the weekend):
Went and saw the midnight showing of the new Wolverine movie. That's how much I love my husband. It was a good movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Zack and David said they were a little disappointed with some of the story lines, but (snort snort) I've never read the comic books and (snort snort) the last time I met the other Garlaxians at the Knodal Point was back when I was just a lowly magician's assistant but now, hehe (snort snort), I'm a full-fledged Magi with Luxadorian powers given to me by the dragon scale I found at the last convention where I obtained my manna-wielded flame of Tieraanorda (snort snort), so yeah, the lack of comic book knowledge made the movie better for me, apparently. Read too much and you'll end up like this guy...
Friday Night:
Went and saw Ghost of Girlfriends Past with some girlfriends. It was just okay. I enjoyed the time with my friends more. It was a different movie than I was expecting. The best part of the movie was the guy on my right. He commentated the entire movie and it was fabulous. "Oh, no. Doesn't Matthew realize that holding the cake with one hand and reaching for the wine bottle with his foot is mathematically and spatially impossible? I mean, the physics behind that maneuver...absurd. He's not going to be able to accomplish this feat." But the weird part is, the girl with him was totally quiet. I'm like, "Dude, shut your man up. Doesn't HE realize that it's mathematically quite possible for me to elbow him in the left eye?"

Proofread one of Noah's papers for school. Although they have, by far, fewer Noahisms than his previous papers, every now and then, his new papers contain one or two I-was-written-at-3 a.m.-statements. Such as this one from his American/British Relationship paper..."The importance of the relationship and the bond between the leaders of the United States and the United Kingdom is very important in the strength of the bond between the two countries and their friendship, however, there are many times outside factors that can effect the relationship and friendship of these two great countries." Think of how nice the world would be if we all had that kind of relationship...

Had softball practice. Our last practice before our first game on Tuesday. We're gonna be so awesome. How can you go wrong with shirts like this...
Shane designed them and they are fab.

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