Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If I Disappear...

So, later this afternoon after work, David and I are headed to Charleston, South Caroliney. We'll be sight-seeing, doing fort tours, walking in historic downtown, and of course, eating. I'm most excited about getting me some crab cakes. I LERV me some crab cakes. Then, on Saturday, we'll be boarding the Norwegian Majesty and sailing to Bermuda.
David and I were originally going to Alaska for our anniversary (it was David's turn to pick the place and he wanted somewhere usual). But my parents had gone to Bermuda last year and said it was super duper and talked us into switching our trip. So, I didn't complain. Not that I don't like Alaska, because I's cold. Then, my grandmother decided she wanted to go, too, and so Sara said she'd go to be Mamaw's buddy. Mamaw tried to talk Papaw into it, but he said, "Shucks, no. All you'll be doin' is walkin' and shoppin' and walkin' and shoppin'. No." He doesn't realize there are other things to do in Bermuda, but Mamaw didn't want to hear him whine the whole time, so she let him be. We all tried to book rooms close together. I know Mom and Dad are on deck 9. David and I are on deck 8. But I think Mamaw and Sara are further down. So, if we sink, they'll be the first to go. I'm telling you all of this so you'll know where I am at all times.

The first day we get there, we're doing this cave exploration thing. I'm definitely hoping to see some monsters, but we'll see. We can use Mamaw as bait. There's this underground lagoon I'm looking forward to swimming in. We'll also be visiting beaches and snorkeling and such. One day, we're taking a ferry to the other part of the island to see some naval port something something. I can't remember. But I think there are old cannons, which David will love. The only part I remember is that there's shopping, so I'm fine with that. And one day we'll be taking a boat around the island to see the harbors and all the fancy shmancy homes that the bajillionaires own. I'm hoping one is up for sale because I'm going to make an offer of $10.

Anyways. I'll be back on the 18th with loads of speedo pictures, I'm sure. But, if I disappear in the Triangle, know that I am in a much happier place and I leave all of my stuff to you guys.


  1. I got to go to Bermuda with my fam while I was in Middle School. It's pretty great - the sand is pink due to the parrot fish's petrified poo-poo. Enjoy!

  2. I'm glad you won't be the first to sink....
    Btw, I am SOOOOOO jealous!

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