Monday, March 21, 2011


Back to laundry.
Back to dishes.
Back to tons of mail.
Back to 179 unread emails.
Back to work.
Back to errands.
Back to cleaning.
Back to telemarketers incessant calling despite us being on the Do Not Call list.
Back to not being on vacation.

And while I don't love not being on vacation anymore, it is nice to be back on a schedule. And the girls definitely know they're home and in their own beds so they are now actually sleeping again. Oh sleep for us in el mountains, which was lame. But, we had SO much fun! And sweet Aunt Becky, Mamaw and Papaw watched the girls for us during the day so David and I could go hiking.

And, of course, I haven't had a chance to load my pictures yet, but I'm going to work on those tonight, so I'll have some up for you tomorrow!

Until then, here is a video of Harper falling asleep in the car yesterday and us trying to keep her awake until we got home so she'd nap...which she never did, so our efforts were futile.

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