Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Collection of Thoughts

So, as sweet Hugsy Bear said Monday, I was sick the whole dumb weekend. Blergh! My weekend was ripped away from me in a cloud of snot, fever, and Tami-Flu. Blast you, Winterrrrrrr (fists raised to the sky)! I was in bed pretty much all day Saturday and half the day Sunday. What's sad is that I woke up Sunday morning, looked in the mirror and expected to see Herman Munster and I gotta say, I looked FABULOUS. My eyes weren't shady and zombie-esque. My skin was clear and flushed in a glowing tone. My hair was just the right amount of shiny and mussed. I was like, bring on the cameras! No, really, I just looked like a less exhausted version of myself. Depressing that it took me being sick and getting some good rest to feel better about how I looked. But, that's why we have make-up for the rest of the time, I guess. Now I'm left with bronchitis...a gnarly cough that sounds like I'm hacking up glue and a sexy man voice. I could totally sing the blues..."My sticky shoes, my sticky, sticky shoes...why you stick on"

Ain't nobody leavin' here without sangin' the blues... hey, what's that from? Heh heh.

But, I am very thankful for the guy that got stuck with me. Two babies and a sick wife. Mmm...he's my guy. And it's his birthday today!!! Happy Birthday, Hugs! The big get cuter and cuter every year. Last night, I made some surprise carrot cake cupcakes for him to take to work today. I debated doing that, because I didn't want it to be like a mom sending her kid to school with treats for all the other kids. But, I mean, if you gotta work on your birthday, you might as well enjoy it with your friends and co-workers with some cupcakes. Of all the cakes in the word, carrot cake is probably my least favorite. Vegetables should not be in dessert. I don't care if carrots are "sweet" or not. It's weird. But, David loves it, so that's what he got. And the icing...ohhhhhh the's definitely the best part. I hope you like your present when you get home, sweetie...the girls picked it out.

Speaking of birthdays...guess what? I had a nephew on Saturday!! Well, let me rephrase that, I didn't do any HAVING...David and I were blessed with a nephew through Rebecca and Richard. William Richard and he's going to be called Liam. I'm looking forward to him coming and staying with us one week every Summer. We'll build mud forts and eat jellybeans for breakfast. He's going to learn to fart with his armpit and he and the twins will probably wear overalls every day. Laura Grace and James, same with your papoose. Y'all are going to hate me by the time it's over with. But y'all's kids will learn very valuable life lessons at Aunt Ruthie and Uncle David's. Don't worry, we won't let them ride the motorcycle until they're at LEAST, maybe 3. I'm probably never going to see those kids, am I? I love that I get nephews and nieces. We got Allen last year. We just got Liam. We get Virginia Kate in just a few weeks. Baby Dr. Mystery (LG and James') will get here in August. So many children to spoil. And yes, I realize they can spoil mine just as much, but that's the fun of it.

This week has been another one of those poo-ey weeks where you sigh a lot. You know...we all have them. And God brought along very special people who, throughout the week, allowed Him to use them to minister to me in such an incredible way. I'm so thankful for their encouraging words and that they let God speak to me through them. I've just been overwhelmed by the support and love. You guys are the best and you have no idea how much your words and prayers meant to me. Thank you! And it also made me think...there are so many times that I feel led to say something encouraging to someone and then I just shrug it off like, "They're going to think that's silly" or "I don't know them well enough to say that," etc. But, I'm telling you, don't be like me...say what you feel led to say. That might be the EXACT thing that person needed to hear right then. And it's definitely been that way for me and I'm thankful that person didn't shrug it off. Hugs! Not David "Hugs" a HUG hug.

I'm contemplated moving to England because they have Cadbury cream eggs year round. WHYYY???? WHY NOT HERE??? Easter takes FO-EVAH!

Our new floors have been ordered and are on the way. I am more excited than I ever thought I'd be about floors. Well, you would be, too, if you saw the current state of our carpet. I just stopped caring about a month ago. I mean, I vacuum, of course, but I stopped caring about the stains. We contemplated putting in the floors ourselves. It would literally cost half the price. But...
1. We have 1 out of 7 power tools needed.
2. We'd have no idea what we'd be doing.
3. It would take every night and weekend for about 2-3 weeks...time that we don't have.
4. We would probably screw it up. And by "we", I mean me.
5. Having the professionals install it would take a day...A SINGLE SATURDAY.
6. Their work is guaranteed.
7. They know what they're doing.
8. I wouldn't have to do any work.

To me, it's worth the money. But, we did save about $400 because we're picking the wood up ourselves from the store and we're pulling up the carpet. Now, how to get rid of the carpet...hmm...hadn't thought about that. Maybe there's a Carpet Fairy that comes at night...well, that just sounds creepy.

The weather here has been's definitely been pivotal in drawing me and the girls out of our cabin fever status. I just know it's gonna end sometime, though, and be replaced with another freeze that always happens right around Easter. Mmm...cadbury eggs. England, send me some!


  1. Girl, you know that Cadbury eggs are already out here, right? I think I ate three over the weekend :) I don't think I can run enough to rid my rear end of their existence. Anyway, go get you some.

  2. Glad you feel better! And, I know it's too late, and this is useless, but we put in our own hardwood floors, and it really wasn't too bad!

  3. Glad you feel better. That stupid flu cough hangs around. It's so annoying. I spent four days in bed with the flu, and I have to say that it was the most I've slept, read, or watched t.v. since my son was born 3 years ago. While I didn't like being sick and I missed my son like crazy, it was nice to get some rest. And btw I found some Cadbury Cream eggs before Valentine's Day. For some reason our Wal Mart had their Easter stuff out.


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