Monday, March 28, 2011


Soooo...confession...I'm officially a stalker. Y'all know I stalk your blogs, look through your pictures, read's a little creepy what I do. But, I've taken it a step further. I have a teensy girl crush on the wife of a friend of a friend of a friend. I don't know how, but I do happen to be friends with the husband on Facebook. I've never actually met him and I've really never actually met his wife. I'm not going to tell you her name because some of you know her and I don't want y'all telling her and then one day, I might meet her and it'd be awkward. But, she's super stylish and dresses like I want to dress. Her hair is perfect and I'm printing out pictures of her to show to my stylist next time I get a hair cut, which I have not gotten since last summer, yep. How did I get pictures? Well, I went through her husband's page, clicked on the Married To link and her profile pictures were open...Wreeh! Wreeh! Wreeh! (Pyscho music). But, no, seriously, her hair is AWESOME and I want it. In a "I want mine cut like that" kind of way, not Silence of the Lambs kind of way. Okay, creepy segment over.

I'm still trying to decide if Jim Gaffigan's comment concerning Elizabeth Taylor's death was insensitive or funny..."It's hailing the size of diamonds in NYC. Wait, did Liz Taylor die?" (It was kind of funny.) But, someone else made the comment that she was probably the last Hollywood icon and that, to me, is sad. The new icons are Kristen Stewart and Kim Kardashian and that's REALLY sad. The only movie I've ever really seen Elizabeth Taylor in was National Velvet. I've always loved that movie. I'm slightly obsessed with horses, so my parents would always get us horse movies growing up. For some reason, the two scenes I remember most are when the parents are picking up a lobster in town for dinner and it pinches the dad. And the scene where the little brother (who collects insects in jars that he hangs around his neck) is hysterical and the older sister is like, "What is your problem?" And the kid says, "An ant just stung me." And nobody is really listening to him and he says louder, "I said a stinkin' ant just stung me!" The sister finally turns around and says, "Ants don't sting, they bite." Who knows why I remember those scenes. And it's got a very young Mickey Rooney in it, too. If you have kids maybe ages 6 and up, I highly recommend it. It's a great movie!

T-minus four days (including today) until NEW FLOORS!!!!!! I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. At last, the carpet will no longer look like a crime scene. can just about see the chalk lines. It'll be finished over the weekend and I'll do a before and after post...that is, if I decide to show you how atrocious the carpet is. David brought home the wood last weekend and I was even more happy when I saw it in person. How about, there was a $100 delivery charge to bring it to our doorstep. Fine, fine, delivery charge...even though I'm paying for you to floor over half my house, you can't deliver it for free? Whatevs. But how about this...a $50 "bring in" charge. For them to BRING IN the wood and set inside the house. Whaaaaat? Now, THAT is ridiculous. So, David picked it up and brought it in himself. The wood apparently has to acclimate to its new environment. It's like a new exotic pet at the zoo. Either way, I don't care, it's going down this weekend and I couldn't be more excited. And the girls' closet is now fully stocked with non-skid socks.

When we were at the mountains, we went to one of the outlet malls in Pigeon Forge. I, of course, hit Baby Gap. I gotta say, those were not outlet prices. Bathing suits for INFANTS costing more than what I'd pay for a bathing suit for myself. Same with jeans, shirts, shoes, etc. I adore Baby Gap...but I always check their sale stuff first. And why spend all that money when your kid will grow out of it in 2.7 seconds. People are like, "Aw, enjoy their childhood. Don't worry about money." Uh, no...not when it comes to clothes. You take them to Disney World. So, I get about 90% of the girls clothes from Target. Y'all, their stuff is adorable. And addictive. I make David go the long way around the store so we can avoid the kids' clothes section, because if my eye catches something, we're stuck for an hour. Look how sweet these outfits are.

Harper wasn't upset, she just made this face. She looks like an old lady shopping at a yard sale.

Question of the day: Can your gut hang over the edge of the tub?


  1. I wonder if you're stalkee (is that a word?) reads your blog? How ironic would that be?

    No, my gut can't hang over the bathtub, but that's because I'm 5'9"

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm a stalker too. I always feel like a weirdo with no life when I spend too much time looking at other people's facebook or blogs.

    National Velvet was one of the best movies ever. I probably watched it 100,000 times growing up. And the ants don't sting they bite scene is one of my favorites.

    Now I'm gonna go see if my gut can hang over the bathtub. If it can it's time for a diet :)


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