Monday, March 28, 2011

Mom and Star Wars

First of all, C, are you Waiting for Bulgaria? Because, I was gonna tell "both" of you something! Let me know and I'll email you an answer to something you (C) asked the other day. And Waiting, did you know that my youngest brother Peter is from Bulgaria?? What agency are you using? My parents used All God's Children. I'm so excited for y'all! Such an incredible journey. I'll be praying for you guys and I'll definitely be staying updated on your blog! Thanks for sharing with us. (Okay, update, I just told Mom about you and she's reading your blog and found out that you're using All God's Children, too! She said if you have any questions at all, let her know. Email me and I'll give you her number, email, credit card info. Okay, and now she's writing you something. I cannot be held responsible for the weird things she says, okay?)

So, Mom is here with me this week, praise the Lord. The girls absolutely love to read books. We got them these miniature rocking La-Z-Boys for babies...and they'll snuggle up in them with a good book and read for like, 2 minutes, and then they'll grab another book and snuggle up and read. And eventually, they start eating the books and that's when I have to step in. I like to think they're digesting knowledge. Snicker clever. But they really love to back it on up and plop down in your lap and have you read them a book. Yesterday afternoon, Harper was intensely involved with a farm animal puzzle and I told Piper Lee to "get a book...take it to Mommajoe." She furrowed her brows, thought about it, and ran to grab her favorite book, Star Wars ABCs. Yes, we are very proud of our little fangirls. She threw the book in Mom's lap and held out her arms to be lifted up.

Mom is not a Star Wars fan. We get our love of all things sci-fi from Dad. Mom did see the very first Star Wars movie IN THE THEATER (yeah, she's ancient) with her man friend, Greg, when she was a sophomore in college...she gets a few cool points for that. I just asked her if she's seen any of the other Star Wars movies and she said, "Gosh, I really don't know." I'm taking that as a "no". All that to say, she doesn't really know a lot about the storyline, characters, etc. So, when Piper Lee brought her the Star Wars ABCs book to read...this is kind of how it went...

E is for Ewok. Awww, love the Ewok. He's soft and fuzzy. You kind of look like an Ewok. You're about the right size. Ewoks live on the forest moon of Endor. Hmmm...Endor kind of looks like a redwood forest in California.

T is for Tie Fighter. You love the Tie Fighter? (Piper Lee likes to hug and kiss everything in the book.) That's not really something you love, but okay.

U is for Ugnaught. An Ugnaught is a useful creature. Hmm...looks like a pig to me. Pigs are not useful creatures...but they taste good.

Q is for Queen Ameelda (Amidala). She has on too much make-up. She looks like a clown. That's just silly, isn't it.

W is for Wookie. Aw, we love the Wookie because he has wavy hair. He looks like a teddy bear. Aww...teddy bear Wookie. (And as we all know, Wookies would not appreciate being compared to a teddy bear as they are mighty warriors.)

Z is for Zam. Zam is a zigzagging shape-shifter...whatever that is.

The end. Well, that was a good book. Let's read something else that makes sense, huh. Barnyard Dance! This looks good!

Yes, because a story about singing and dancing animals is much more realistic than space exploration and adventure.


  1. Yes I'm both "c" and Waiting for Bulgaria. Your sweet mother emailed me this morning. I just started my blog, and I was so excited to see her email. We're adopting through All God's Children. We've only started this adoption proces, but we are so exicted. Tell her thank you for me :) Also, I love reading your blog. You always crack me up!

  2. Okay, I got excited (apparently that's the word of the day) and didn't finish reading. I might even take you up on that offer call your mom if (more like when) I start to think I'm going to go stir crazy with all the waiting. Thanks for the prayers too. They are much appreciated!

  3. Today I found out that May 4th is Star Wars day. Why this particular day you ask? May the 4th be with you. (:


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