Monday, October 10, 2011

Ah, this weather we've been having...

Perfect, right? It's been overcast, sometimes sunny, breezy, in the high-70's. I'd be fine with even cooler temps, but compared to the 100F plus mess we had earlier, this is the Arctic tundra. The girls love the wind. They stand facing the breeze, smiling, letting it sweep through their hair, like they're on some high-fashion photo shoot.

Oh, NewApartment, I saw your comment on the nursery. Thank you! I couldn't find any contact info for you, so I hope you see this. My mom actually found the rug at Sam's Club, of all places. It was a few years ago, but check stores like that. I have seen them at Sears, too.

I finally changed my preferences where it would send me a notification if someone commented on a past post, so I wouldn't miss it. I didn't realize there was a setting for that. There are so many times I'll see a comment and laugh or want to respond and I wish so much there was a way to chat you instantly. You guys are the bestest.

So, we had our first open house this past weekend. It was WILDLY successful. A grand total of zero people came. I wasn't too surprised. It had only been on the MLS website for 2 days, so agents didn't have a chance to see it in time. At least that's what I'm telling myself. However, several of the flyers outside are gone, so here's hoping it's one of them! I know, I know. We've had it listed for a week now and the average time to sell a house is six months. But, you know when you get your mind set on something, you want it NOW. We've already started packing and putting boxes in the garage, which looks like World War III, but it's steadily getting decluttered. We have a keep pile, a yard sale pile, and what were we thinking pile. We decided once we sell the house, we'll move into an apartment for a few months while the house is being built, obviously. It's not like we can live in the woods. Well, we could, but I like electricity...and baths. We're leaving the refrigerator, washing machine and dryer (large capacity, steamer/sanity cycler, etc.), so I'm hoping that's a small selling point, too. If you have ANY advice about selling a house, please...I would LOVE to hear it.

I know I keep on and on about (this is just free advertisement for them), but y'all, seriously...our rental is now $119 cheaper than it was when I first booked it. I was thinking it might save us $30 or so.

I'm getting soooo excited about our trip! I'll have to show you what the schedule I have planned're gonna laugh. I might have to resituate some stuff cuz it's pretty slam full. This isn't a rest and relax vacation, I'm afraid. This is a you better eat your Wheaties vacation. I'll show you why laters.

Y'all know the whole Netflix/Qwikster thing. Two separate websites. Ridonk. I just got an email saying, "Hey, we were just kidding. That was dumb. It's all staying at Netflix." Good call, guys. Good. Call.

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  1. That is the ENTIRE reason I have "blog owner approval" for my comments. Because I don't want to miss them.


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