Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sick Adventure: Day 1 Million

Sorry for the interruption in the Zion posts. Little Harpsichord has been sick since Sunday and our hours of sleep are getting fewer. Yesterday was Armageddon Sickness Day, but I think/really really hope that was the worst of it. She already seems to be feeling better this morning. She just has a fever and some tummy issues...the doctor seemed to think it's a virus of some sort. Just praying Piper Lee doesn't get it.

I just keep thinking, "Remember the good ole days when the girls were 3 months old and sleeping 5-6 hours at night. Sigh. Good times." It's not their fault. Well, no, it's not Harper's fault. She doesn't feel good. But Pipesicle...she's just been a crazy night owl lately. But, as exhausting as it is, I will say, there's nothing much sweeter in this world than hearing your baby call out "Mama! Mama!" And then when you hold them, they snuggle into your neck and fall right asleep. Sweet baby girls.

So, I've been spending the evenings catching up on work and freelance and general household chores instead of blogging and I sincerely apologize.

But, I'm hoping I can have a new post up tomorrow!

Here's the Squeakers giving a kiss.

And here's Big Mo in her stylish attire. She had on her pajamas and we had to change the pants. She picked out the shorts. She wanted her flip flops and, there you go. Oh, and her sticker! Let's not forget her leg sticker. I'm expecting a call from In Style, Jr. magazine any day now.

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  1. Poor sweet baby. I cannot even imgagine trying to keep the germs from passing from one to another. On the other hand, they are both adorable even when sick. :)


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