Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Zoo!

So, after all that talk about "Hey, we're going to the zoo! I'm gonna have a ton of pictures!" Well, I have like 12 pictures. Crazy, right? And none of them are that great, which makes me sad. BUT, it's pert near impossible to take pictures and wrangle two hellions in a crowded place at the same time. Seriously, everyone in Birmingham was at the zoo on Saturday. I can't blame them. It was perfect weather. I was hoping football would keep folks indoors, but even the die-hard fans were drawn out of their caves into the sunlight and irresistible cool breezes.

The twins had a blast. We met up with our friends and the girls' buddies, Reid, Story, and Savannah. It was such a good time! I think definitely next year we're going to get season passes. We've been doing all of our animal noises, so it was fun to get to see them see the real animals up close and "talk" to them. I think their best impressions were the elephants and the lions. And the fish. I think they might be marine biologists. Those kids LOVE fish. See, Dad? That's why we're taking them to Sea World when we go to Disney.

Harps and Hugs

Piper Lee


Two?? Who said you could double yourself??

Cave Explorer

Okay, it's out of focus, but how much does she look like a for real Gremlin, right?

Shfish shfish shfish shfish!! (Fish)

Kunkey!! (Monkey)

Story and Chris

Snack break

Thinking...thinking...yes, I'd like some Earl Grey. Two lumps.


The momma lion had just had these five cubs (rare to have five) in August. That's not the momma. That's the daddy....she says. But those cubs have some leopard spots if you ask me...ahem.

"Piper Lee...what's the lion say?"

Tris and Harper

More shfish!!

"Wait, goat! Why you run? Why you be so scared of me?"

Tomorrow (or Thursday), it's story time! Bring your pillow and blankie and I shall tell you the tale of "Lost in Edinburgh."

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