Wednesday, April 4, 2012

12 Weeks

Sorry I've been the lamest blogger ever lately. This baby has wreaked havoc on my everything. I've reached the 12 week mark, which is awesome, but it's also supposed to be when the 1st trimester symptoms start subsiding. With the girls, I knew the day of 12 weeks, I'd wake up and the symptoms would all be gone. Yeah, that didn't happen. It took until 18 weeks. But, I did have Zofran and he helped a lot. This time, I knew not to get my hopes up, but I still, on Saturday, I thought, "TODAY'S THE DAY! I'm gonna feel stupendous!" But, that didn't happen either.

I called Dr. Mac on Monday because he said if I didn't feel better by then to let him know. They said the only other thing besides Zofran that I could take was Phenergan. I love P-gan, but it wipes me out. I mean, you could shave my head and put me on an inflatable bed in the middle of a lake and I'd never wake up. Hmmm...might not should have told you that. They doubled my dose of Zofran and you know what, it worked...for a day. Tuesday, I was feeling pretty fine. I even stayed up until 8:30 p.m. But then yesterday, it was worse than before. It might have been because I mowed the back yard, but I dunno. I threw up again. Those chips and guacamole...nevermind. Nothing worse than throwing up in a toilet and having it splash back up in your face. (That was for you, Mom.) Y'all should know by now that I have no sense of decorum. Don't even act like it surprises you.

The twins have been nothing but perfection, as they always are. They take great naps. They say "please" and "thank you". They're good eaters. They love, love, love to play outside. They just...well, they never stop talking. So, if you ask me a question and my eyes look kind of glazed over, it's because I have reached my quota of word intake for the day. And they're the sweetest conversationalists, they just repeat everything.

"Yes, sweetie."
"Momma. Momma. Momma. MOMMA. MOMMA. Mommamommammommamamoamoa."
"Yes. Harper. What is it?"
"Baby fish."
"Aw, yes, you have a baby fish."
"Baby blue fish. Blue fish. Momma fish. Aw, baby fish."
"Yes, the baby fish has a Momma fish."
"Aw, baby fish cry. Momma fish, 'Okay, baby. Bottle?' Aw, baby fish fall down, kay? Momma fish baby fish Momma Momma Momma MOMMA!"
"Yes, the Momma fish is a good Momma."
"Baby fish blue fish Momma fish Daddy fish. Oh no, Daddy fish gone work. Car, bye bye!"
They've never once said the word "mine." It's always "back."

"Mommaaaaaa!! Back! Back! Sissy back! Sissy yellow car back!"

And I know that the other one took this one's yellow car and she wants it back. And Harper has discovered that Piper Lee is scared of "monters" and she'll chase PL around and roar at her until PL gives up whatever toy she has. And the sound and screaming and "back back back" carries so well through the house. So, right now, I have in earplugs listening to the Hunger Games soundtrack. Pipes has a toy carton of milk that Harper wants, but they can work it out. They're good problem solvers. Also, if you have twins, buy two of everything. It solves so many problems.

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Afternoon popsicles for some red-cheeked little ladies.

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