Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Smattering, If You Will

This is another one of those posts where I haven't had time to formulate a real post, so here are several mini-ones...

I totally forgot to add something to Tuesday's posts. David and I have purple belts in Shotokan karate. No, I don't pronounce it "kah-rah-tay." I punch people who do. Well, I would, except Sensei told us not to. Purple belts...yes...and we are not afraid to use them. Seriously, those things can give you nasty polyester burns. During one of the katas, you have to yell something. It can be anything you want. Some people in our class yelled "ICE!" Stupid. Some yelled "HOROH!" Lame. I stepped out of the box and got in touch with my inner samurai. I yelled something no one doing karate has ever yelled..."HI-YAH!" It's pretty terrifying. 

When I was pregnant with the girls, my hair grew SO fast. I had to get it cut every 8 hours. I was Rapunzel. That also meant shaving my legs was more dumb than ever. I had a 5 o'clock shadow before I even woke up. This time around, I think my hair is going in reverse. It's WONDERFUL. I shaved my legs 3 days ago and they're still smooth as noodles. 

*Spoiler Alert - Don't read if you haven't seen this week's New Girl yet.
Okay, really, would have us believe that somebody would ever break up with Dermot Mulroney? Really? I mean...REALLY. (Mom, he's a silver fox...just Google him.) I mean, the show is stills awesome as ever, but that was just silly to me. 

The girls have started this new thing where they copy the way you're talking. Not the words, but the inflection and tone. Like, if PL falls down and you scoop her up to comfort her..."Aw, Piper Lee, are you okay? Did that hurt, sweet girl?" She'll look so deeply into your eyes and say, "Awww boo boo bee boo Momma awwwww." And I'm thinking, "Okay, are you mocking me or just mimicking me?" I don't know what to think about it. 

Harper can sing the ABCs all the way through now and even the little ending. The ending is more like, "Now I ABC...tahl me whaaaat me!" She screams it at the top of her lungs while on the trampoline. But the second I get out a video camera or iPad, it's like, "Oh, what, little ole me? I'm not your performing monkey, Mom."

Also, they're terrified of dandelions. 

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  1. For real. Jess, what in the world is wrong with you besides the fact that you are secretly in love with Nick.


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