Friday, April 20, 2012

Random Friday

It's Friday, you guys. That's Friday. And we can sleep tomorrow.

Last weekend at the beach was wonderful. So perfect. The weather could not have been more gorgeous and the water was pristine. I literally spent half of Friday and most of Saturday just sitting in my chair, watching the water. I brought a book and two magazines to read, never touched any of them. It was nice to just sit and not think, not do anything. At one point, two very chatty women with a toddler and baby that could not have been more than 3 days old pulled up near me. I hiked a good ways down the beach to find a stretch that was all alone and quiet. It was a sparse weekend anyway, but I'm talking sheer solitude. I was there for maybe 10 minutes when the family showed up. And they were sweet and just talking and the kids were actually really quiet, but the mom (the other lady was the grandmother) was SO LOUD. She had this piercing voice. And she was talking in the worst kind of baby talk to the baby and had this hyena-ish laugh. And I know I sound like such a snot when I say I got up and moved, but y'all...#1. you had to hear her and #2. I didn't go down to the beach to sit right next to that for a day. So, I got up and moved. But, I was smooth about it so they wouldn't know I was moving because of them. As I was packing my chair up, more of their group came with 6 other kids, so I feel like I made a pretty good decision. I'm only like that on vacation, I swear. And in our neighborhood.

I was looking online the other day for some maternity shorts. I have plenty of jeans, but only one pair of shorts and they're way too big right now. Did you know they sell maternity underwear? It looks remarkably like regular underwear, but it's more expensive. So, it must help deliver your baby somehow. They also have maternity socks. Says they "grow with your expanding extremities", but really that's not something you should say on a maternity website and also, don't regular socks have a little give to them, too?

I got some kiwis at Publix the other day. Publix is 'spensive, but good golly, that's the only place to get your produce from...unless you go to the farmer's market. Kiwis and I have a love/hate relationship. They're BEAUTIFUL fruit. I mean, really. The color is so pretty and I love the contrast of the black seeds. Wow, I've watched too much Food Network. I usually make fun of people who talk like that. But, you go through all this work to peel the furry little covering and it's CRAZY TART. I mean, will knock your socks off. Then, sometimes, you get a really sweet one and it's like, "Man, it was all worth it." The ones I got from Publix...they were all worth it. I want to paint a wall like a kiwi. A pretty green hue with black spots. That would...not look good. Nevermind.

Did y'all know that Lando Calrissian works at the USPS store?

I've had Draw Something on my phone for awhile now, but never played until this week. And now I can't stop. I thought it was a game you had to sit and play for awhile like Pictionary. And it is like Pictionary, but you can play the turns whenever you get a chance. And it is SO much fun. I can't tell you how much I've laughed at some drawings I've done and received. And you have such a small space to work with, so you have to be extra creative. Such a good game. If you're bored and want to play, I'm RuthieT333.

And thus ends the most random blog post of all time.


  1. I get my maternity underwear at our motherhood maternity outlet and it seems they come out to a couple bucks per pair if I remember right from the last go round. The ones I got are way stretchier and lower in the same size I normally wear which means I could wear them without circulation being cut off or big red marks being made in my legs and hips. I'm a fan. Don't know if they are all good though. My regular kind get too tight pretty quick. Aren't you glad you know all that info now!? ;)

  2. I posted my sunset pics on le facebooks.

    Let's go back to the beach.


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