Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life with Red Ruth: To Cut or Not To Cut

I felt like this scenario would be better expressed written out as opposed to illustrated.

Ruth: Ugh.
David:What is it?
Ruth: My hair. What should I do with it? Keep it long or cut it?
David: It's your hair. You do whatever you want with it.
Ruth: But, I want you to tell me what to do.
David: Well, you know I'm not gonna do that. I like your hair every way you've done it.
Ruth: But what's your favorite?
David: I like them all equally.
Ruth: It's just so long and it's getting hot and all I ever do is wear it in a ponytail and it takes forever to fix.
David: Then cut it.
Ruth: So, you do want me to cut it?
David: That's not what I said.
Ruth: But, if I cut it before the baby is born, then I'll be huge and have this oddly small head because my thick hair balances me out.
David: Then leave it long.
Ruth: So, you're saying I should leave it long to cover up the fact I've inflated to gargantuan proportions?
David: That is not--
Ruth: What if I cut it like Jennifer Anniston did when she cut it short on Friends?
David: That's a cute cut. You've had it like that before and it looked great. You do what you want, though.
Ruth: So, you like it?
David: Yeah, it's really pretty.
Ruth: So, you think Jennifer Anniston is pretty?
David: Okay, that's just ridiculous. I said the haircut was pretty.
Ruth: So, you think she's ugly? Because she's prettier than me, so if you think Jennifer Anniston is ugly, then you must think I'm a troll.
David: RUTH! You are being crazy!!
Ruth: (sob sob sob) My husband thinks I'm crazy...
David: I don't even know what to say to you right now.
Ruth: Tell me how to cut my hair!!!!!!
Ruth: What if I just cut some bangs?
David: Want me to make you some brownies?

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