Monday, June 18, 2012

Apartment Living

Well, we did it. 

We closed on the house on Thursday, packed like crazy people Friday afternoon/night, and moved out on Saturday. We started at 6:00 Saturday morning and didn't technically get finished until 4:00 that afternoon. We had some amazing guys help us and we could not have done it without them. They were the cutest and most muscle-y men I've ever seen. And precious, precious Kaley kept the girls for us so I could pack and move light stuff and clean the house. 

Bye house!

My fingers are ripped to shreds and unforgiving. My sciatic nerve and I aren't on speaking terms right now. But, we're getting there. David and I unloaded one last half-load from the Uhaul at the end of the day and literally, on the last trip inside, my back said, "Okay, that's it...we're done or I'm leaving." I feel like I overdid it a little bit, but we had to do it and now we're moved in and have gotten two great nights' sleep, so it's been nice. 

We figured it had to happen sometime, so David converted the girls' cribs to toddler beds. We got rid of their cage enclosure nets and now they're free as birds and they definitely take advantage of it. We've got their room set up with just their beds and toys in there, so they have at it and we don't even care. No more house showings, so I just let them go crazy. And when they're done playing at night, they crawl up in bed and lights out. Not once have they freaked out about being in a new place. They have transitioned SO well. I was surprised and relieved. They're totally chill about the whole thing. It's actually been a really smooth move. Being pregnant didn't help, but all in all, it wasn't bad. 

There's a great playground nearby and we are about 10 steps away from the pool. It took David 6 minutes to get to work this morning. Chick-fil-A is about a 4 minute drive. The mall is across the road. What more could you ask for. I miss having a yard, but the other stuff makes up for it. And we'll have a yard in a few months, so we can make it. 

There's about 50 more square feet in the apartment than we had in the house. Our bedroom and kitchen are just a SMIDGE smaller than at the house, but the other two bedrooms and living room are bigger. I'm not even painting or hanging a thing on the wall. I have a few plants set up, but that's about it. We couldn't have asked for a better set-up, really. 

Things I learned from moving...

- We have a lot of crap.

- It's actually amazing how few things you actually need to live off of. We have it down to the bare necessities at the apartment and we're totally fine. I don't even remember what we have in the storage unit. 

- You become less sentimental over things when you realize you have to either pack and store them or just throw them away/donate them. I was pretty surprised by how unattached I became to things after #1. watching too many Hoarders episodes and #2. I totally forgot we even had and couldn't really remember why we still had it or where we got it from.

- A lot of companies have your address and you have to change it for all of them. 

- Weeds grow really fast when you stop caring about how your yard looks. 

- Being preggers doesn't actually give you any extra strength...a common misconception. Dwight Schrute was wrong. I do not have the strength of a grown person and a little baby. I pretty much just have the strength of a little baby. 

- I am never moving again (except to the new house and then y'all will have to pry me out of there).

We had a security system at the house with video surveillance. And at the closing, we asked if the new owners wanted to transfer the service to their names. We can't have it at the apartment, and if they didn't want it, the security company would just come and get the equipment and we'll have it put in the new house. They asked about it and we told them you could control everything from your computer or phone and we mentioned the video surveillance and the girl asked, "So, you can watch us?" And we were like, "Yeah." You should have seen their faces. Huh-larious. We laughed and told them we never had it on. It would automatically come on if the alarm went off so it could record a robbery for the police, but we never turned it on and we would actually unplug it once we left on Saturday. But, I bet you they're sitting in their house right now wondering if we actually did. Heh heh. Bet they don't do anything naughty until they know for sure. 

Anyways. I'll have Alaska pictures up this week!

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  1. Glad y'all made it! I hate moving and dread when we put this house on the market. And it really is amazing how you can survive on almost nothing. Enjoy being close to the pool and chik-fil-a. They're both great in general but when you're preggers they're amazing.


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