Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sun and Popsicles

I haven't had a chance to do the Alaska pictures yet, so here's some of the girls I took the week before we left. They love playing in water. Like their Uncle Noah (Hoop) says, "They're part fish." And they love popsicles. 

I may look sweet, but there's mischief in these eyes. An unquenchable mischief. The kind that will cause my mother to gray early.

Pondering life's biggest questions. And also when lunch is.

Our favorite hobby of all time...coloring on cardboard boxes.

I'm not OCD. My crayons don't HAVE to be lined up perfectly. See, they're a bit crooked and I'm oka-...oh okay, uh, I need to fix that. Stop moving them! Stop staring at me! 

I'm not too close. I'm not too close, I know. I know these things.

"Purple fish purple fish purple fish BIIIIIG purple fish. Mama draw a purple fish."

The correct way to enter a pool.

Creepy Uncle Hoop up to no good.

But, I have weapons of my own.

Did I leave the pretend Fisher Price oven on?

If you looked up "ham" in the dictionary, you wouldn't find a picture of a spiral cut of delicious holiday meat. You'd find a picture of me.

I'm totally smiling. Right. I'm totally doing it.

Uncle Hoop teaching us all kinds of useful things. Like how to "fark" with your hands.

Taking Red Fish (Piper Lee's new "safety" item) for a swim.

I'm off to go do something devious now.

Just a head in a pool.

Uncle Hoop put my swimsuit on and put the bottoms on backwards. It totally fits okay, though, right?

Is-a my cream rouge still in-a place? I am look perfection, no?

WHOA. YOW. This 'sicle's got a little kick to it. 

Zombie toddler devours popsicle's brains...tonight at 10. 

What do you mean look in the direction of the oncoming frisbee? I prefer to attack it from an angle. 

Ready for the Ultimate league. 

Popsicle, why are you crying all over my hand? I thought you liked the sun. 

I eat you now!! 

Uh, yeah, you...with the hat. Move the 38" reflector to the left a tad. I need the lighting to be as glamorous as possible for my close-up. And fetch me some coffee. Half-caf, no foam. Nutmeg? Sure.


  1. The girls are so big and absolutely gorgeous!!


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