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Le House

The post before this one was written on Monday, but it never posted. So, you can have two to read today. YAY! (Although, neither are super life-altering stories or anything.)

Went to the doctor on Wednesday. Everything looking good. Dr. Mac is "predicting" the Suttsmonster is coming early...between 36 and 39 weeks. That's not a certainty, though. This sucker could stay in the whole time. Still head down. Hoorah! Doc says if he does come early, my chances of a successful VBAC are super high. The closer I get to my due date, the chances drop a little every day. And that's fine. I just want him to cook as long as he needs to cook and come when he's ready. But, I ain't gonna say no to a 36 weeks birth with considerably less time for recovery. To be honest, I don't know why, but I've always pictured Sutton a September baby. (That thought process may be for selfish reasons. Then, all of us would have blue birthstones and I could get a pretty ring made...just an idea.) So, we shall see.

So, the HOUSE! We had an appointment at the design center yesterday. My fabulous mother came up on Wednesday to help me this week some and give David and me a little break. And sweet, precious Brandi and the Finnster kept the girls for us yesterday for several hours so Mom and I could both go to the appointment. I asked David if he wanted to be there to pick stuff out and he just said, "No, that's a girl thing. I'm always happy with whatever you choose. Have fun!" He's so easy-going. I don't get it. His only stipulations were "nothing trendy" and "nothing that's going to blind me" and "nothing that will make me physically ill." So, I pretty much had free reign.

I had a general idea of what we were kind of going for before we went into the appointment, but it was still a little overwhelming. Some things, I knew immediately what I wanted. Others took a little more time. But, the whole process was really smooth and SO much fun. Oh my gosh, I wish I could decorate houses all day long.

First, I'll tell you the layout of the house so you can get the jist of it.

Downstairs: 2-story foyer. Staircase to the left. Walk a little ways. Off to the right, down a hall is the guest bedroom and bath. Straight ahead is the open concept living room, dining room and kitchen. Kitchen has an island that seats 6 (that's where we'll probably eat most of our meals). Off to the left of that space is the master bedroom and bath. Behind the kitchen is a "drop zone" with a little bench. Kind of like a mud room, I guess. With exits to the patio and garage. Also back there is the laundry room and pantry.

Upstairs: You walk up to a den/playroom. To the left is the girls' room and bathroom. To the right is a little walkway to Sutton's room, Sutton's bathroom (the girls' is an ensuite bathroom, but his is in the hallway so people can access it without having to go through his room. He's a boy...he'll live.) Also to the right off the playroom area are two other bedrooms. One will be David's "man" room, whatever that means. And the other will be my office. So, no toys downstairs. We're gating the top of the stairs and the kids will have their playroom and bedrooms. I can work up there and keep an eye on them. We'll have a little fridge and microwave up there for snacks, so we're not going up and down all day. The plan they originally designed for us did not have the extra bedroom (my office) and the playroom was a little smaller, so we got them to expand over the garage to give us that space. David was like, "My attic space!" But, they extended the garage as well and made a little room so he would have extra storage there. And, lo and behold, he was much happier not having to carry stuff upstairs for storage. Uh huh. See, I think things through.

The yard encompasses a good chunk of the driveway. There will be an automatic gate to come in and out. But, we wanted the driveway inside the fence so the kids could ride bikes, skate, do sidewalk chalk, whatever, and we could sit under the patio and watch them.

Here are the interior paint colors. (These aren't showing up 100% accurate, but you get the idea.)

This one will go in Sutton's room and David's "man" room.

This one will go on one wall in the guest bedroom (behind the bed), in the dining room area, in the drop zone, pantry, laundry room, and all in the girls' bedroom.

 This is the main wall color everywhere else in the house.

And this is the trim and ceiling color. It looks kind of creamy/dark here, but it's really just a soft white.

I did get permission to put the front of the house on here. This is basically what it'll look like, just different colors.

This will be the main color. I couldn't find an exact match. It's a little more gray-y blue-y sea-foamy and less mint. That's not vague at all.

This is the front and back door color.

And this is all the trim and column color.

I'm super upset that none of these colors are showing up well either. Everything is really just neutral and clean looking. Nothing too crazy.

I had, no joke, about 40 options for bathroom tile. Too many options stresses me out. I remember registering for the girls and crying in Target just standing in front of the pacifiers. How do you know which is the right one? But Mom and the designer being there helped soooooo much. And I'm just so happy with everything.

This is the bathroom tile for the 3 regular bathrooms.

The half-circle pull at the top of the picture and the knob in the middle (on the left) are the kitchen knobs and stuff. I really like just simple things, nothing too fancy.

This is the master bathroom tile. It's this really pretty, earthy slate. I wasn't picturing something like that in our bathroom, but saw it and loved it. We also got it in the laundry room. Oh, and during the tile selection, she brings out like 50 options for grout color. GROUT COLOR?? I thought grout was grout. I didn't know I'd have to pick out a grout color. Grout. Grout is fun to say.

The wood below the stuff in this next picture is the floor. It's like a rich, espresso hardwood. I really like it. It's everywhere downstairs except the bedrooms. Oh shoot, I forgot to get a picture of the carpet. It's just like a normal, neutral carpet. I wanted hardwoods in the bedrooms. David wanted carpet. David wanted dark cabinets in the kitchen. I wanted white. He let me have white. I let him have carpet. It worked out.

The white little piece of wood is what the kitchen cabinet color will be. That's not what the style of the cabinet will be, just the color. I picked the Shaker style of cabinets. Oh look! I Googled a picture and found the style and the same type of knobs we'll have! (See picture below this one.) So, just really simple and clean cabinets.

The square on top of the white piece of wood is the counter top. It's showing a little darker in this picture. They're actually lighter than that. The three pieces of porous marble on the left is the style of the backsplash. Except, I wanted to do the subway style, which they have, just didn't have a sample of it. So, it'll be like the brick pattern on the wall but with this type of stone.

The different sized slate pieces at the top is what will be around the fireplace. The mantle and woodwork will be the trim color, but then this stone pattern will be all around the fireplace and 12 x 12 matching pieces will be on the hearth.

This is the only picture I got of the bathroom cabinets. It's below the paint chips and white square. I originally planned on getting white cabinets for the bathrooms, but then saw this espresso and really liked it. So, that'll be in all the bathrooms and the white square on top is the white marble countertops. They'll be the same Shaker style as in the kitchen.

I also had to pick out lighting fixtures (indoor and outdoor), and plumbing fixtures and even drain color for the roof and side of house. That was easy, though, even though there were literally 70 choices. 

Oh my gosh, it was SO much fun. We really did have a good time. I showed everything to David and he was definitely happy with everything. We are so excited. God has given us the opportunity to build a family home that our kids will grow up in and we could not be more grateful or blessed. 

Anyways. I just wanted to show you guys! I hope you like it! If not, it's too late to make changes. 

Here's some photos of the lot.


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  1. It has taken me forever to comment on here but your house is going to be beautiful! Thanks for sharing the details. I can't wait to start seeing it go up. I'm sure you can't either. It's so wonderful that you get to plan this house to meet your family's needs. I know it must have been overwhelming making those decisions. Glad you had your mom to help you.


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