Monday, August 27, 2012

This Week

Not only is today a Monday, but it marks the first day of the last week that I'm in my 20's. I'm about to be...I'm...I'm turning...'scuse me...(hrrrawrrfharrrffhggaaaaaggrharrchunk)...I'm turning 30. Sorry, I had to throw up a little bit. I KNOW I KNOW. It's not a huge deal. But, come on, y'all freaked out a little, too, when you turned 30. Give me some time...I'll get there. And for those of you who still have time (MARIA), it's's always coming. And I'll be there to remind you about it. Heh heh. 

It's just that my 20's have been awesome and it's sad to see them go. I know God has great things in store for my 30's and I'm excited to see what all He has planned, even if I whine a little bit about the number. 

David asked awhile back what I wanted to do for my birthday. I told him, "I don't want to celebrate it. I'm barely acknowledging it. I just want to be at the beach." And so it is...we are headed to the beach on Friday and staying through Wednesday. If I have to turn 30, it definitely makes it easier being at my favorite place in the entire world. Isaac may dump a little seaweed here and there, but a seaweedy day at the beach is better than no day at the beach. 

I can do this. It's just a number....right? 

Little Hugs is at a CPE conference today. Stinks that you work for years and years to get the qualifications to TAKE the CPA exam and then you study for forever to actually take the test itself and then, after you pass, every year you have to take continuing education classes to get credit to keep your license. My mom (physical therapist), dad (doctor), and sister (nurse practitioner) all have to do the same thing. I'm like, poor people, they've worked so hard. Give them a break. Oh well. At least I ain't gotta do it. So, he's at a conference teaching advance techniques in Excel. Y'all...he has been SO excited about this class. He loves Excel. I'll be like, "I'm gonna make a grocery list," and he brightens up and asks, "Want me to make you a spreadsheet?! PLEASE?!?!" Sometimes, I'll let him do it just because it makes him so happy. It does come in handy sometimes. I pay all of our bills and keep track of our budget and receipts. And he set me up a very nice spreadsheet for it and it's easy for me to use. But, he emailed me a little bit ago and said, "There are so many other accountants here using iPads to take notes! I feel so cool!" Sweet thing, he's so cute. Well, he's way smarter than me, so I can't make fun of him too much. My adorable little nerd. 

Speaking of nerds/geeks...Gap just came out with a new line of toddler clothing for boys that's Star Wars-themed. I feel like that's a little sexist. It's just for boys. Uh, girls like Star Wars, too, Gap. And I'm not a feminist at all, you can ask David. I totally think girls suck at a lot of things. But, liking Star Wars isn't one of them.

I worked some more this weekend on little projects for Sutton's room. I'm a tad sad he won't be in his nursery when he's first born, but it'll only be a few weeks until we're in the house and that's fine. The builder is already painting the room for us. We're just adding the furniture and decorations, obviously. Here's a sneak peak at some of the stuff going in his room. SOOOO excited! Can't wait to show y'all when it's completely done. 


  1. Swear I didn't mind 30. You know why? B/c I can say, "I look good for being in my 30s". Which, by the end of my 20s? Couldn't really say. So, enjoy! You'll rock it!

  2. 30's the new 16, right?!

    I love love LOVE the sneak peeks at little man's room! That ship looks practically Narnian!


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