Friday, August 10, 2012

Life with Red Ruth: The Towels

A couple of weeks ago, we were folding and putting up laundry and I go into our bathroom where we have the linen closet and I notice a beach/pool towel is in with the regular/every day towels. I haven't been as OCD about our "towel categories" in the apartment as I was with the house. Mainly because I'm too tired to care and I mean, I haven't even hung a single picture on the wall in the apartment, so whatever. But, this was a HUGE beach towel that was completely in the way and the conversation went something like this...

Ruth: "David!"

David: "Yeah, sweetie?" 

"Dude, you gotta put these big beach towels up high out of the way with the other beach towels." 

"Oh, sorry. Yeah, here I'll move it." 

"But good job folding." 

"Okay, thanks, Monica. You and your towel categories."

"Shut it."

(Mom, Monica is a character on the TV show, Friends, who is OCD about cleaning and having categories of things like ribbons and towels and dishes, etc. He calls me Monica a lot.)

But, in my hormone-induced world of crazy, the conversation went more like this.


  1. who worries about towel categories anyway?

  2. My favorite posts of yours are the ones with your cartoons. Hilarious!!

  3. You just made me laugh my A off! I have towel categories too!! AND they better be folded correctly!!


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