Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Little Buddy

So, we went and had a 3D/4D ultrasound for the Suttsman. I would normally not have gotten one because we're gonna see him in real life in a few weeks (hopefully 8+ weeks). We didn't do the 3D with the girls. But, poor little guy hasn't gotten as many ultrasounds as the girls did and I felt bad for him. Since twins are considered a "high-risk pregnancy" (even though we were very blessed with a textbook pregnancy and delivery), almost every time I went to the doctor, I got an ultrasound. I have tons of pictures and videos of the girls in utero. And I've only had the first two early ultrasounds and the gender determination ultrasound with Sutton...just one video. And I think I only get one more ultrasound for him. So, the kiddo needed something else. 

My doctor's office won't do 3D/4D ultrasounds past 30 weeks, so I found a place in Birmingham that does them all pregnancy long. It was SO much fun. Just a great experience. We took the girls with us thinking they would enjoy getting to see Baby Brudder, but yeah, ha, no...they didn't care. Thankfully, the room we were in had toys, so they were content playing with a Batman/Batcave house thing. 

She was able to get so many great pictures of him. I was so happy. Sutts was fabulous. He liked his hands up by his face. I guess they're his safety blanket. And he would open and close his hands and point fingers. "These are my laser guns...pew pew pew!" He was peeping open his eyes here and there and opening his mouth. He got the twins' nose and full lips and chubby chubby cheeks. My pregnancy journal says he weighs around 3.5 pounds right now. Uh yeah...in one cheek. Mom thinks he'll be an 8.5+ pounder. I'm hoping for a 7-ish pounder, but we'll see. Seeing as how the girls were a month and a day early and still weighed 6 and 7 pounds, I'm afraid Sutton will be a monster. She also said he had a head full of hair. I didn't really see that, but I guess she's the expert. 

She was jiggling my belly around to get him to move his hands and he was sooo mad at her. He kept furrowing his brow and scrunching his face.

He had his feet and hands all up in his face.

 Shadows from the umbilical cord.

 Furrowing his brow again.

We are just so in love with this kid. David and I were talking last night. I still can't believe it's a boy, for one thing, and that we're having a son...but we are just so blessed that God chose us as his parents. I mean, US. The two who laid down in a mud hole to get camouflaged for a game of paint ball. The two who dressed up as the Mario Brothers...last year...for Halloween. The guy who went to a conference on how to survive a zombie apocalypse and the girl who asked about what he learned so we'd have an escape plan. I mean...US. Poor kid. But, I will say...he's super lucky to have the sisters he's got. They are going to be the best big sisters. I showed them the ultrasound pictures afterwards and they both squealed, "Sutty!" So, I think they're gonna be pretty cool with him being around. He'll get dressed up a lot, but they'll take good care of him.

And get this...HE'S HEAD DOWN! It was all that visualizing I've been doing. Next up, visualize some cooler weather. I was going to try the cold bag of peas and flashlight method, but hopefully now I won't have to. Although, I'm not holding my breath he stays this way. He rearranges my internal organs on a daily basis and apparently has all sorts of places to be, so I wouldn't be surprised if he rotates back around. But, we'll see. Just keep visualizing...just keep visualizing...

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