Monday, September 17, 2012


Remember the days when I used to write a post like...every day? Now I'm happy if I can throw a picture up every few months. Ah well. Life is good.

On the way back from the beach, David's parents called and offered to keep the girls Wednesday-Saturday for us (yesssssssssss!), so we dropped the boogers off and David and I had Thursday and Friday to ourselves. It was wonderful. Thanks, GranJan and Papa!

Last Sunday, we had a fabulous baby shower for Tiffany, Taylor and Baby Cavett. He's due exactly one week after Sutton. They're gonna be buddies, I just know it. And y' and my friends, we know how to throw a party. Although, the credit should go to Lisa for coming up with such a cute idea.  It was themed "Children's Books", so we could help little Cavs build up his library. But all of the food had its own book. Meatballs was paired with "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs," mini Moon Pies was "Goodnight Moon," the veggie tray was "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," the ginger and carrot cupcakes was "Peter Rabbit," and the bacon-wrapped wieners was "Three Little Pigs." We said that the third little pig got away because he was smart enough to build his house out of bricks. There was more food, of course, and a lot of awesome sauce and we had such a good time.

Mi madre came up last Tuesday-Friday to help me out. David's finishing up his CPE hours and had two conferences and I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and it's getting quite difficult to do normal physical activities now. Even getting up and down from my desk chair is pulling and straining and getting quite uncomfortable, so I am definitely grateful for the help. I know I reached the point with the twins where I was like, "Bring on the sleepless nights! These kids have GOT to get out!" I'm getting to that point now. I already can't sleep. I can't breathe. I honestly do not remember it being this physically taxing with the twins. I do think chasing the girls around and picking up toys and just being active with them has added to it. But, you know...I'm very blessed. I know how lucky I am to have had an uncomplicated journey with this little guy. He's been a good belly buddy and I shouldn't whine about the trivial side effects that come with this miracle of life. I'm just looking forward to not going potty 57 times a night. No, seriously...57 times.

At the doctor's appointment, Dr. Mac checked me out. One of "those" types of checks. "They're my favorite," she said, her comment radiating sarcasm. I was 50% effaced and ZERO cm dilated. I was slightly disappointed. I was hoping to be like 8.5 cm dilated (an impossibility at this point, I know). But, I've been having lots of strong contractions, so he said that was encouraging. Still on for a VBAC. Sutts is still head down. I go again on Wednesday and once a week from here on. I've got my hospital bag packed and ready to go. We have a team of awesome people on standby to wrangle the twins whilst we're in the hospital. My well thought out birthing plan is printed and in my purse. It says, "Get this kid out by any means necessary." I'm ready for him to get here. But, not this week. I've got a few things to wrap up. Anytime next week is fine. Watch him not come until, like, next year.

The girls got sick last weekend. Then, Mom and I got sick from them. Just one of those crappy sinus/cold situations. That was a lot of fun.

So, the past week and a half has been busy, crazy, good. Sorry for the lame-o post. I'm working on a post that David is going to love me extra for called Domestic Cutie Pie Disputes. Hopefully, I can have that up this week.

You kids take care. I'm gonna go see why the twins are laughing uncontrollably. Wish me luck!

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