Thursday, September 6, 2012

30 at the Beach

Well...I turned 30. And I lived through it. And you know what...y'all were right! It wasn't all that bad. I mean, I'm still not THRILLED with the idea of it, but whatcha gonna do, ya know? And being at the beach definitely made it a lot easier. My sweet family helped me celebrate with tons of junk food, seafood, an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen (yessssss), and lots of rest and relaxation. 

Y'all, we had SUCH a good time. It has now been officially confirmed that the twins are definitely related to me. They L-O-V-E the beach. I'm so happy. What would I have done if they were little emo kids who wore jeans and tight sweaters and sat inside all day instead of enjoying the sand and water? 

Isaac pretty much did nothing to the beach, except maybe bring some extra shells up on shore. There was a smidge of seaweed, but not enough to deter us from getting in the water. And actually, the beach is never 100% pristine this time of year anyway. The best months are April, May, and October. 

This was taken right when I turned the camera on and the lens was foggy, but I thought it looked kind of Holga-ish. 

Sand crabs...saaaaaand craaaaaabs...come to me.

Look what I have created!!! where did I bury Dad?

 Look...look at me...hey, look. I'm a statue. I'm so still, can you tell? You can't even tell I'm a human, can you? I'm totally a real person, but I look like a statue. Look, Mom. It's me! It's Harper! I'm not a statue!

My view.

The girls dove right in. We had to stop them from going too deep. No fear at all.

 Poppadoc and one of them.

 Dripcastlin' like a pair of pros.

 Should I be moving more? I feel like I should be moving more.

 Boogie board break.

 Tuckered out.

Surveying her domain.

On Sunday, we headed to Gulf World. It's like a small version of Sea World. The girls had a great time. Toward the end of the morning (near lunch time) we started having some break downs because it was just soooooo hot and humid. But, they were enamored with the sea turtles and sharks.

Here we are gazing at their favorite animal...penguins. Or pengoos. Depends on who you're talking to.

 Harper said, "I touch it. I touch it!" So, David leaned her over to touch it and FREAK OUT!

Harper the Turtle

 Piper Lee the Pengoo

 Aaaah, air conditioning.

The dolphin show. They also had a sea lion and rough-toothed dolphin show, which was cool and the girls laughed and clapped. The dolphin show was the last thing of the day and we were worn out.

 This is about how we all felt.

 And back to the beach.

My tongue helps me find North when I'm lost at sea.

Waves, you will come to me...(Jedi music)...
I wanted a picture similar to the one we had taken when I was pregnant with the girls, so Mom obliged and got us this one. 34 weeks with the Sutts.

31 weeks with the Twins. Yes, I realize I'm close to the same size SHUT UP.

Okay, seriously, is there a marine animal on my back?
Heh heh.
Piper, for real. What's back there?

Pat my head and skip to m'lou!

Looking for mussels with Poppadoc.

Found some!

Their first jumping pictures! 

 They are best buds. Until one takes a toy from the other.

Helping sister get up.

I told her to dance in the water.

Cha cha cha! 

 Dad, Peter's, and David's masterpiece...that Harper promptly and efficiently destroyed.

 34 weeks.

I told David let's do some cliché Sports Illustrated pictures.

 Harper came to check it out.

And then we all were models.

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  1. Looks like so much fun!

    I was like "who the heck is Isaac and why is he messing with the beach?" Then I realized and decided I need help.


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