Friday, November 19, 2010

10 Month Old Monsters

Just a quick rundown of the twins...

Harper started walking a week ago. I have tons of videos that I planned on posting, but in all of them, I am SHRIEKING (because I'm so excited) and in several of them, I, quite literally, look like an astronaut. You know the undersuits that astronauts wear? Yeah, that's what my PJ's look like. But, I'll post them next week...maybe. She started off pretty wonky. Took maybe 3 or 4 steps at a time. But, now she'll get up on her own and walk a good little ways and then plop down. She definitely realizes it's a much more convenient mode of transportation. Piper Lee has shown no interest in walking, but that booger crawls faster than a T-Rex can run, so she gets from A to B.

They LOVE Pat-A-Cake. Patty Cake? You know the song. You can say "pat-a-cake" and they'll start clapping and they'll say "Atta atta atta!" Also, if you're cheering someone on, they'll clap. They're good little fans.

Hitting things together or just slapping things in general is awesome fun. All they need are two objects that make noise when clomped together and they're set. They also have very destructive tendencies. You can build a cool little fort with blocks and they'll crawl over nonchalantly and knock it down in one swoop...laughing maniacally as they scurry away. I think they can see themselves in the dishwasher and oven and they'll slap the mess out of both...I'm assuming trying to scare the other "babies" away. I dunno.

They like to put their fingers in your mouth and they die laughing when you to pretend bite down. So, they thought, "Well, shoot, we can do this with each other." But they don't realize that you don't actually bite down and, sadly, this "game" usually ends in tears. They also like to bite each other's legs, shoulders, arms, feet, faces...and we oft find semicircle bruises in random places. So, either the salt sucker from Star Trek is back or they're biting each other.

At night, when David comes home, I hear him opening the front door and I say, "Daddy! Daddy's home!" They turn and look towards the door and "run" to him saying "Da da da da daaaa deeeee!" That blesses my heart more than I can say.

They adore outside. When it's dry and sunny, I'll take them outside and sit on the patio while they just crawl wherever they want. They love to pull up grass and crunch leaves in their hands. They love the wind chime. It makes me want to get 100 of them to put on the patio, but then I'm afraid people will think I'm one of those weird cat ladies that has too many wind chimes and aloe plants all around the house.

Anyways. Here are some pictures of the gals at 10-ish months.

I would like to apologize in advance for my horrible posture...this is how I have to hold the babies. I never realized my posture was that bad until I saw these pictures. Also, I never realized I walked like a dude until I saw a video of myself from the cruise. So, thanks for letting me know about that..."friends".

This post is for you, Maggie.

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