Thursday, November 4, 2010


Still no cruise pictures. I know, I know.

We got the girls some new teething biscuits the other day and yeah, nobody told me how absolutely disgusting they were. But the kiddos love them, so...

And I don't know what I thought they'd be like. I mean, it's basically like a bland cookie/cracker. Mix that with slimey paws and an endless supply of drool...what did I expect? I really got them because I thought it might occupy them for a little bit so I could get some work done. So, yesterday, I'm sitting at the computer, the kids are behind me in the jumperoos, inspecting these new "toys" in their hands. They jump and laugh for a second and I turn back around to my monitor, satisfied. Twenty minutes later and it's quiet...suspiciously quiet. I turn around and see this...

I was hoping these biscuits would provide about a half hour of time for me. Almost a half hour, which isn't bad. But then, I spent about 45 minutes cleaning it all up. So, we might use these on the weekends...or when they're in college.

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  1. I loved teething biscuits because it made Levi stop squealing in restuaunts. I loathed teeth biscuits because they are an absolute disgusting MESS.


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