Friday, November 12, 2010


So, I just wanted to say "thanks" for the comments you guys leave and the emails you've sent (I think I found some relatives in Montana through an email conversation!). As sappy as it sounds, it really means a lot to me. And I greatly appreciate them and you...for sticking it out with me. Y'all make me laugh and smile. Kelly, your comment yesterday made me BEAM. And girl...let me tell you. I got some junk...those shorts were hiding it. :) But, thank you!!! Kelly's husband, by the way, is in the Army. My cousin, Jeremy, is also in the Army and is over in Afghanistan right now. Maybe your husband knows him. His head is shaved. He's very tall. And he's very loud and sassy (but a sweetheart). You really can't miss him. So, Kelly, thank you and your husband for everything you guys have done for this great nation. We owe you so much.

And my dahling Linder Pants, who always leaves the sweetest comments. I heart you. Hey, what are you making this weekend? Are you packed for Egypt? Will you bring me back some sand?

And just, well, ALL of you. Hugs.

No one in my family leaves comments, which is funny to me, and is probably best because they're all peculiar. Uncle Brad, the one whose children fight over who hangs up the squirrel tail Christmas ornament each year. Uncle Greg who doesn't have internet at the house (poor Jake and Drew), but checks it at work. Cousin Benjamin does leave comments, thank you, Benny! Jena (Blonde Dog) and Aunt Johnnie read, I know. Sara and Noah don't even know how to use computers. Peter's always with his lady friend, Brooke. Papaw A reads it, only when Mamaw lets him. Mamaw and Papaw P can barely work a lamp, so, no technology for them. Dad reads it and the only reason I know that is because, every now and then, if it's a post he really likes, I'll get a text message that says:

I like your blog.
Love, Dad

I think some of David's family reads. I hope y'all don't think less of me now because of it. I'm not really not THAT weird. I dunno, some of you are pretty crazy yourself...South Carolina...uh huh.

And Mom checks it every day. Thanks, Mumsy! And if I haven't posted that day, she'll call and say, "Are you going to blog today?" Twins and a full-time job...uh, when I have a second. But, thank you for your enthusiasm and support.

Thanks to my overseas and Canadian readers. You guys have stuck with me and I appreciate it. And Slovakia! You guys rock.

I have one of those invisible counter things that shows me how many people visit and from where each day. I mean, it doesn't give me an address or anything (or maybe it does...mwah ha haaaaa), but it shows the general area. And about 99% of you are silent readers...s'cool. Because, I am, too. Eeeck, there, I admitted it. I'm a blog stalker. If you've ever left a comment with a link to your name, I now have your blog bookmarked in Safari. Whoa! Ruth's a creep-o! It's funny because Katy from Monster Proof, wrote a similar post about silent readers a few weeks ago (and it absolutely made my day...thank you!!). I started this blog in 2008, I think it was, thinking it'd be a fun way for family to keep up with us and our goings on. And as an outlet for me, because I was about to start working from home, and I talk a LOT and not being in an office environment to talk to people meant David would be INUNDATED by a conversational flood whenever he walked through the door. I never imagined anybody else would read it. But, YAY! It makes me happy.

Thank you guys for reading Bogue & Weejer. It's completely ridiculous and absolutely accomplishes nothing, but I'm glad you like it.

I'll leave you with this little gem...
Greg is the husband of the art director, Kate, at a company I used to work for a few years go. They have a young son, Ben. And this is what Greg posted on his Facebook last weekend:

I was on the floor wrestling with Ben when this conversation ensued...

Ben: What's that smell?
Greg: That's the smell of your own mortality.
Ben: Is mortality a butt?


  1. Love the conversation! Totally why I read, at least. I almost always end up laughing out loud. In my office. Awkward. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. well i know for a fact that your mom reads the blog every day and does make comments. if she doesn't make a comment on the comment page then she will call you and make a comment. comment on that soofie! ahhhbaaahhaaaaabaahhh(that's an evil laugh)!!!!

  3. I read your blog!! Although, I'm sure you know that since you can see the stalker from VA who checks it multiple times a day when you don't post on time. :) Love ya' Ruth!!

  4. This was so nice :) Thanks for linking me! Its awesome, really. Btw my family never comments either except for my sister lol. And my mom only looks so she can see grandkids pictures lol.

    Hope your cousin is doing well!


  6. hey I'm a reporter at Businessweek magazine and would love to talk to you about a story I'm working on on Amazon Prime. this is legit! Can you email me at bstone12 [at] ? thanks

  7. Ok, so I've been stalking your blog ever since you guys found out you were having twins. I actually went to college with your sister and found you through her I'm not totally creepy. Anyway, I've enjoyed following along and seeing your sweet little girls grow up!

  8. Ruthie, your blog is the first thing I check for every day. I feel so disappointed when you don't write! I love keeping up with the antics of you, Hugsy, and Thing One and Thing Two. Keep it coming, Girl! Love you!

  9. I like the blog.
    Love, Dad

  10. Well, since you called us out, I guess I'll comment. :) I'm such a silent blog stalker, too. I'm still reading each time you post, and I love seeing how big your girls are getting.

  11. Hi Ruthie,

    Just so you will know, we now have the internet:-) Of course it was only because the boys said they would not visit us in SC if we didn't get it.

    Anyway, give MY girls a big hug and kiss and tell them their favorite great Uncle loves them!!


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