Friday, April 1, 2011


Yep. It's true! Your eyes are not deceiving you... 15 weeks along. We've kind of kept it on the DL until it was announced to family. And now the whole fam knows and we wanted to introduce her to you guys!

Everybody, this is my NIECE! Isn't she a cutie pie? Actually, she's 19 weeks right now (that's a 15-week picture above) and still a-cookin'. She'll be home with Laura Grace and James mid-August and we are very excited to meet her. Her name is Tinsley Elizabeth. PRESH.

I have got to show y'all the video of the girls saying "baby, yay!" and squealing in delight when I show them pictures of sweet Liam and sonogram pictures of Tins. So adorable. I guess all babies are drawn to each other. Someone their own their eye level. I dunno. But it sure is cute. Can't wait for all the cuzzes to meet!

I'm holed up in the bedroom right now cuz we's gettin' our new floors in today! What whaaaaat! Check Twitter (on the right) and I'll update with pictures. My wonderful mother has taken the girls home with her for the weekend so I could still work and be at home while they put in the floors. David's CPA studying all weekend and I am going to go shopping! BY MYSELF! For the first time in...I can't even remember. I don't even know what I'm going to go shopping for, but I'm going. And I already miss my babies. Funny how you look forward to a break and then miss the things(s) you were needing a break from. I've been watching videos of them on my phone. Like this one...Harper wanted her pants on her head...I obliged.

And y'all please pray for Mom. She's driving with them by herself. I've loaded her with raisins, snacks, juice, pacifiers, and an endless supply of Sesame Street videos. This is a feat I've never even attempted myself. I've driven with them for maybe an hour or two, but not 3.5 hours. God bless you, Mother. And may the force be with you.

DELANEY! Is that true about May 4??? Because that is AWESOME!

Happy April Fool's Everybody! Go prank call someone.


  1. I'm assuming you didn't know my name is/was Delaney (maiden, but what everyone calls me), and you're not talking to me... Too bad. ;)

  2. Shopping alone . . . every mother's dream :) Have fun.

  3. I read the above comment & my mom named me after a band from the 60's and im pretty sure it was to remember her "golden years".

    I think the May 4th is a grass-roots effort, but everyone at OSU (Oklahoma State) is talking about it!

    I googled it & some random chick says it will be the second annual. Regardless, I think it is awesome too!!

  4. I may not be Delaney, but it is my birthday on May 4th! So yes, it is annual.


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