Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's A Zoo 'Round Here

This weekend, the parentals and Peter came to visit us this weekend and it was so much fun to get to see them. David is still in an immense amount of pain from his kidney stone. He had an appointment Friday morning to see a man doctor and the doc said that due to the size and location, there was only a 50/50 chance he could pass it on his own without intervention. David was like, "INTERVENE! INTERVENE!" Apparently, there's only one machine in all of Birmingham that can do whatever they do to kidney stones (I think it's that the sonic wave stuff) and it's not available until Thursday. So, David waits. We've been praying he passes it on his own so he won't have to wait that long, but it's not looking that way. I don't even know how he's working. Either way, we'll have a new addition to the family on Thursday. I can't wait to meet the little guy/gal. I'm gonna punch it in the face.

Mom and Dad wanted to take the girls to the zoo, so Saturday morning, we all went (sans David). He decided to stay and rest. We met up with Sara and Bryan. This was the first time I think the girls thoroughly enjoyed the zoo. And they actually stayed with us when we walked as opposed to running off in a crazy fashion like they normally do. Took 6 adults to watch 2 kids. It's almost impossible to go anywhere with them because we've each got a wild child and somebody's gotta carry the bags and push the stroller. But, they actually walked semi-beside us.

And yessss, I know I know I know I said I wouldn't dress them alike, but when you find a buy one, get one sale or certain things that are really on sale, you get two of each.

Jenny, look how cute those hair clips look!! Y'all, go to Jenny's Etsy shop. She made months of the year hair clips. This was obviously November's clip.

Papaw G has a strange fascination with Dominique (or Dominicker) chickens. Every year, my mom gets him one for his birthday. Not a real Dominicker chicken, that'd be ridiculous, but a little stuffed animal or figurine. I actually don't know why he likes them so much, but there was one wandering around the zoo and the girls took a fancy to him. They were very upset he didn't want to play.

Mommajoe and Poppadoc went for a ride on the carousel with the twinsers. They had to switch animals a million times until everyone was satisfied.

We went to the petting zoo. I realize I was the worst photographer that day. No faces at all hardly and you'll see in a minute that halfway through the zoo, I just stopped taking pictures. I don't know what happened to me.

Oh, here's some faces. Piper Lee stuffing her's with a snack.

So, we went into one of the zoo houses and they had an enclosure with a Prevost squirrel and red pandas. Mom didn't see the sign about the pandas being in there, too, and she saw it and was like, "Oh, wow! Girls! That is one big squirrel. That's the biggest squirrel I've ever seen." Oh, Mom. That's a red panda. The squirrel, like, a normal-sized squirrel is right over on that branch. Okay, well, it was funny to us. Guess you had to be there.

People misspell stuff. I misspell stuff. It happens. But, it really shouldn't happen on a permanent informational sign in a learning facility. Ansester? Really? That's not even slightly misspelled.

And the last picture. Ha. We were waiting for the zookeepers to come feed the daddy lion and show us his tricks. The momma lion and cubs were sleeping in their "bedroom." Yeah, like lions have a bedroom. But, it was really cool. We got to hear the daddy lion "speak" and "purr" and he was ginormous. The zookeeper asked, "Can anybody tell me how we know it's a male lion?" Everybody: *snicker snicker*
Zookeeper: Keep it clean, people!

We went on to see the elephants and the rhinos and the monkeys and the kangaroos and the other stuff. Dad got some really good pictures of the girls in the lorikeet (tropical bird) exhibit. Bryan and Peter would catch the birds and hold them close to the girls. They were interested in them from a safe distance, but up close, it was like, "Baaaaaah!!" So funny.

After the zoo, we had lunch and went to look at houses. Mom likes to house hunt as much as I do and we went to the two places we're considering building a house. Sigh. If ours will ever sell.

We made plans for Thanksgiving. It's going to be kind of a hodge podge holiday this year because David has to work on Friday, Peter has to work, Dad's on call, so Mom and Noah and Miz Di and Connell are joining us. I'm sad not everybody can all be together, but I'm sooooo excited about Thanksgiving! My second favorite holiday. I went ahead and got our turkey and while I was there, I was going to get some pomegranates to make a salad with. Y'all, those things are like $800 for one. They're good, but they're not that good. And it's a bunch of work to actually get the stuff out. Stupid elitist fruit.


  1. I don't have a little girl yet but I may have to go ahead and order those clips. Adorable.

    And misspelling ancestor is pretty bad. Spell check people!

  2. Aww, so cute! Thanks for the shout out (and a blog post that doesn't make me afraid of heights)! hee hee

  3. I just learned a new and easy way to get those things out of the pomegranate!

    I can't wait to try it!

  4. I think Marina was in charge of spelling on those signs. So that's on us. Sorry.



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