Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Undeserving, but Thankful

I'm thankful for...

My God. Thankful I live in a country where I can worship where I want, when I want, Who I want. Beyond thankful for His blessings.

My husband. Who–even though he tried to have an entire conversation with me at 5:45 this morning as he was leaving for work and I'm like trying to sleep because I was up all night with Harper and her cold and he's asking questions and telling me to have a good day and it was so sweet, but he was going on and on and on and trying to elicit some deep answers out of me and Im like just leave me alone!–is unbelievably perfect and surpasses everything I ever dreamt about in a man and provides and supports his family and fulfills me and utterly completes me. He is my best friend. I love him so much.

My children. They, too, are unbelievably perfect. They are beautiful and the most kind and generous people I've ever known. They make me laugh and cry from laughing and cry from loving them so much. They are so smart and energetic and have the biggest and brightest spirits and hearts. I could not be more proud or humble or grateful that God chose me to be their Mom. I can't wait to know them more.

My parents. What can I say...I was a pretty awesome kid, so they had it easy with me. Ha. They win the award for most patient and gentle parents ever. They put up with so much of my crap. They let me choose my clothes (hello, platform sneakers), my hairstyles (although I kind of wish they had stepped in on that one), my boyfriend, my college, my career. They were, and still are, nothing but supportive in everything. I could never thank them enough.

My grandparents. They're the greatest people ever. I love you, Mamaws and Papaws. Thanks for letting us eat whatever we wanted at your house and for teaching us all the stuff Mom and Dad tried to keep us from learning. Thanks for letting us make mud pies on your back patio and for taking us through Indian hikes in the woods. I have so many fond memories with each of you and I can't wait to share them with my children. I'm glad my kids look a little bit like all of you.

My siblings. Although they're not as pretty as I am, my sister and two brothers have come in handy throughout my life. Noah and Peter have been great scapegoats and Sara is a lot of fun to dump cold water on in the shower. They're my friends and my confidants. It's been amazing to watch them become the adults they are and it's been an honor to "grow up" beside them. They're great partners in crime when it comes to aggravating the parents. And Peter, I'm so glad God sent you to us. You complete our family. And you're the coolest out of all of us.

My in-laws. I couldn't ask for a better family for my soulmate to come from. They helped David become the man he is today and, well, like I said, he's perfect and I know they're partly to "blame" for that. They are some of the most compassionate people I know and I'm glad I've gotten to grow with their family over the past 12 years. You guys are weirdly wonderful. Thank you for accepting me for all my oddities.

My extended family on both sides. The strangest bunch of people I've ever known and I am SO PROUD to be one of them. You guys are hilarious and lovable and loving and gross and sweet and crazy and awesome.

My country and the men and women who serve to protect it and the freedoms for which it stands. Humbled and proud that I have family members who have served in past and current wars. I am utterly undeserving of the sacrifices they've made. They deserve much more than my gratitude, but I freely give it because I could never show or tell them how thankful I am.

My friends. They're the best. Truly. And you can't have them. I saw them first.

My job. I have nothing to complain about. I have the best job ever. I love what I do. I especially love Patrick, because that little genius fixed my email yesterday. God bless him. I love my co-workers, who are also my dear, dear friends (see above). You guys make me laugh and it's an honor to serve beside you.

My cars, Honah Lee and Don. They get us from point A to point B.

My house. It's warm, secure, pretty cute I like to think. It's been our home for almost 7 years. But, good gracious, I wish it would sell.

Chocolate. I's chocolate.

Food. Because I like to eat.

Maternity pants. Because I'm totally wearing them tomorrow.

Pinterest. I don't get on very often, but it's pretty addictive when I do.

Etsy. Same thing.

The Winter. Because I don't have to shave my legs as often.

Winflash and Vistaprint. Holy monkey, I order so much stuff from those places.

AMAZON. How could I forget Amazon?! 99% of my Christmas shopping click..."Place Order" BOOM! The end.

You, my blog readers. You really have no idea how happy you make me. I realize that sounds kind of needy. But, sometimes I'll get an email (from Mom) saying, "Tell a funny story," (dance, monkey, dance!) and I'll write something that I'm hoping is funny and then I see how many folks have read it and I'm like, "Aw yay!" I feel like we have a symbiotic relationship. I'll keep away the cheetahs and you guys pick the fleas off my back. Wait...what animals ARE we? It's so much fun to connect with you and stalk you on your blogs!

I hope each of you has a very Happy Thanksgiving! I've got the sweet potato soufflé and homemade cranberry sauce done and ready to go in the fridge, the dressing and turkey will start in the morning, asparagus and crescent rolls at the last minute, peanut butter cake, 13-layer chocolate cake, pound cake, and chocolate hazelnut macarons ready to go. Rawrhghargharghghgargggh. Like Courtney at The Life and Times of Me said so well, "It's just one day, go crazy and eat what you want." You have the other 364 days to work it off.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Ruthie. I'm very glad I happened across your blog. Your posts always make me smile and usually make me laugh. :)

  2. I'm thankful for you! Love you


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