Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Klaser!

Haha, y'all's coffee comments. Amy, I think you're part coffee bean. does smell nice, though. But NO...I can't have any more.

So, you guys be praying for David this morning. He's got his kidney stone removal procedure in 30 minutes. It's apparently lodged and the doctor said it will only get worse and cause more damage if they don't do something, so they're GOING IN! They'll use some sort of kidney laser to break it up and get it out. It has a very technical and scientific name like LCTW triptostynosisectomty, but I like to call it...The Klaser.
And this is kind of what I'm picturing.

I actually think it's a little more humane than that. He left early this morning and the girls and I will go pick him up sometime later this afternoon. Bless him...he's nervous, but sooooo happy to be almost done with this ordeal. It's been a craptastic two weeks for him. And I miss him dearly.

Y'all, yesterday morning, the girls woke up so early and I got up to change their diapers...both had on poopies. David had just changed the trash bags the night before and I didn't want to stink it up first thing, so I opened the garage door to chunk the diapers out there. I forgot about the alarm. It started beeping, telling me I had 15 seconds to disarm it. I had on socks. On the hardwoods. It wasn't like I fell and caught myself on my hands and knees. Both of my feet went behind me and straight out. I belly-flopped directly onto the floor, my face taking the brunt of it. I didn't have time to say certain things, I just got up and turned off the alarm, only then taking a break to assess the damage. My chin, my left elbow and my right knee...all three a beautiful palette of turquoise, eggplant, and sky blue. My chin has a chin. If you see me in the next few days and think, "What's that on her chin?", that's where my face cushioned the fall for the rest of my body. I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. I just splashed water on my face, making sure I hadn't busted anything open. Then, I pictured what it must have looked like, and just cried from giggling instead. I would have paid good money to have had a camera there, because I'd be $10,000 richer on America's Funniest Home Videos. I woke up this morning so sore. My arms, neck, chest, back...craziness. Stupid socks. Stupid alarm.

Oh my gosh, you guys...Thanksgiving is next week!!!!!!! I cannot wait. I'm so hungry. I mean, I will eat before then, but I want some dressing ASAP.


  1. Ha!'s just I have coffee in my veins instead of blood...

  2. oh wow. i'm sorry you hurt yourself but as i read the description of your fall...oh man, i was laughing so hard i am now sweating.


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