Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gender Guesses, Upchuck, and Stitches

Well, now you guys have me questioning this gender thing. I originally thought boy and then I was thinking girl...but now I don't know what to think. Ha, like my "thinking" does anything. We were talking about waiting until he/she was born before finding out, but I don't think I can wait. I told David I would find out and then do that surprise cake thing with him. And he did not like that idea and suggested HE find out and make the cake for me. Uh no. That won't work.

I've had a few dreams that it was a boy, but I've also dreamt that it came out super fast and ran down the hall and we couldn't catch it. Not sure how trustworthy my dreams are. I did something really really really stupid and spent $20 on a gender prediction test that had a "90% accuracy rating." After I took it, I thought, if these things were actually legit, then wouldn't doctor's offices use them before the screening ultrasound? Yeah, should have thought that through. It turns pink for a girl and blue for a boy, obviously. Mine turned I'm getting my money back.

In person, it was actually closer to the girl color...maybe a shade or two past the color bar on the left.

I've been getting progressively more sick at night. I finally upchucked Monday night. It was EPIC. And wonderful. I felt so much better. David was in the living room and thought I was pouring water into the toilet. ??? Because I do that sometimes. No no...I was giving back all of my supper and chocolate milkshake. I've been going to bed every night about 8. It's the only way I can get through the nausea. It's nice and I do feel rested, but nighttime is the only time I have with David during the week and I miss him. I'm really sick of being sick. I know it's all part of it and I know/pray/hope it'll pass soon.

Last Friday night, sweet Hugs was bathing the girls like he does every night for me. I could hear the stomp splash stomp splash stomp splash of their nightly dance competition...the girls, not David. This time, though, the tub was extra bubbling with bubble bath and little Pipsqueak slipped and ate the side of the tub with her face. I rushed in there because it was a bad cry, the kind that rips your heart out. David was holding her and we checked her over, nothing. But then, I notice a skinny river of red running down the side of her face. We brushed her hair back and noticed a 1/3" cut to the right of her left eyebrow. We took her in the living room and the bleeding stopped within 20 seconds. I moved the skin above and below and they always say if you can "open" the cut by doing that, it needs stitches. Sho nuff...she needed stitches. I was about to throw up because it was my baby and she was hurt and I cannot handle it if my family is injured. I know I need to suck it up and it was such a small little cut, but gracious alive...I was about to pass out.

Growing up in a medical family, we got to see a LOT of things. We got to assist spaying/neutering our cats because the veterinarian was a close family friend. We got to watch Dad sew up a lot of people, including my brother Peter when he was bitten right in the heiny cheek by a German Shepherd. When Sara was in nursing school, she watched a lot of surgeries at the hospital in our hometown because Dad was buddies with the resident surgeon. I was bored, so I went, too. We saw a wrist reconstruction where this guy busted his hand riding a 4-wheeler. We saw a splenectomy. We had to scrub in like they do in the movies. Took me an hour to wash my hands. Poor guy's spleen was 5 times larger than it should have been. The doc pulled back the diaphragm and lifted some other stuff up and let me see his heart beating. It was amazing! Don't even get me started on what all we saw during our years in Jamaica. People I don't know...I'll deliver your baby in a restaurant while eating a bowl of spaghetti. But, don't ask me to take my daughter to get a few stitches.

So, David took her for me. Harper was upset and didn't know what was going on, so she and I watched TV on the couch while waiting for Daddy and Sister to come home. David said the nurses/doctor said Piper Lee was a champ and was so brave.

We don't dance in the bathtub anymore.

The next day, she was back to herself.

The great thing is, Aunt Moo (Sara) can take out the stitches! It's good to know some medical people.


  1. I used to be very good/have a strong stomach when it came to bodily injuries, blood, fluids, etc. But I just about threw up reading this blog. I think I need to go lie down before I pass out.

  2. Poor sweet thing. It's totally different when it's your own kid that's hurt or sick. I hate being with Andrew when he has to have shots. I can't imagine stitches.

    Hope you feel better soon. The whole pregnancy sickness thing stinks. But my doctor used to smile and say, "That's great!" when I told her I was sick as a dog. So, I guess it's actually a good thing.

  3. I had a friend who had 2 girls already and then got pregnant hoping for a boy. She took one of those gender tests and it said it was a boy....yeah, it was way wrong.


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