Monday, March 26, 2012

A Short One

This weekend was crazy. Today is crazy. I'm more sick than ever. I even joked with David that, at this point, I'd rather have twins again than be this sick, but then I quickly took it back in case God heard me. So, this is all I have for a post today.

Friday afternoon, the fabulous Aunt Moo came back over again to take out the rest of Piper Lee's stitches. She came over last Wednesday and took out two, but it wasn't quite ready yet, so she left the other two in.

PL did so great. Never made a peep. Laid so still and shut her eyes. She gave us high-fives when she was done and proclaimed, "Boo boo gone bye bye!" Dr. Sara still put a steri-strip on it to just keep it covered for a few more days. She likes that. I think bandaids are her new security blanket. She made sure we all knew where her boo boo had been.

We don't normally let them wear off-the-shoulder looks and here, she's a little bit racy, but the dress is just a tad too big.

Assistant Nurse Harper, who insisted on having a bandaid on her face as well. "SCALPEL!"

The End.


  1. Sorry you are so sick. But it makes me laugh when you say you wish you had twins again because I remember many posts the last time about how terribly sick you were and about the virtues of zofran or whatever that drug is called. You even wrote a poem about it if I recollect. So, maybe you are just remembering the after drug affects of being pregnant last time.

    Hope it gets better for you soon!

  2. Man, your kiddos are awesome! And so stinking adorable!

    Fingers crossed you get some nausea relief soon. I'm sorry it's so rough for you right now.

    This weekend was our 6 yr anniversary and I was teasing chad about not getting me a gift. (we don't exchange anniversary gifts) and he gave me a hard time right back. To which I loudly proclaimed I was pregnant for a bazillion months, gained 50 pounds, was in labor for 23 hours and gave birth drug free...and that is my lifetime gift to you, expect nothing else ever again. He seemed a little scared.

    All that to say...someone should buy you a present!

  3. The girls are so cute as usual.

    Sorry you're so sick. I don't know how you do it with the twins and feeling sick. Hope you feel much better soon.

  4. Do you let her run with those scissors too.


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