Thursday, May 10, 2012


I really did intend to post videos of the girls. I swear I'll get around to it soon. And I'll explain why I've been MIA. But first, let's talk for a second about Facebook.

Do y'all remember when it was like, "Ruth is eating a bowl of cereal," or "Ruth is losing her mind"? It was so simple. And then they gave you more characters for your status and it became, "Ruth is eating a bowl of cereal AND losing her mind." And then they added the things where you could poke people or tickle them or throw a sheep at them. I dunno. And then they added the games. OH, the games. You lost your purple pig in the forest and need helping finding it? What?! And now we have info graphics and memes galore. And socialcam. I think socialcam is a spam type of thing. I don't think those people are really watching pervy videos on Facebook. And now we have way too much room to type a status. Actually, they're not really statuses anymore. They're super personal diary entries...

"It's been a really bad day. I mean, it's kind of okay, I guess. My foot fungus is back and it's really itchy and starting to ooze. My cat barfed on my sheets this morning. Here's a picture (barf picture). My eldest child pooped directly in my hand and I was running late for work so I wiped it on the door on the way out. It's probably still there, so I'll have to clean that up when I get home. At work, I got a run in my hose. But, I did buy a new iPad today and I'm super excited to try it out! (emoticon) I'm going to Face Face later on with someone. If I can find anyone. Nobody ever wants to Face Face with me. I'm sad about that (emoticon). I saw some roses today and it made me think of bees. Bees are funny. LOL! OMG! Bees. Well, I'm looking for a new job, too, so please be thinking about me. I probably shouldn't post that on a public place because I'm friends with my boss and co-workers, but they need to KNOW that SOME people don't like CHEETOS IN THE VENDING MACHINE and SOMEBODY needs to stop using my favorite MUG!!!! (passive aggressive emoticon) Also, I'm involved in some sort of scandal and I'll hint about it just enough to let everyone know what it is, but still act like I'm being vague. It's sunny outside. Get out and enjoy your day! And remember that patience and joy are the vessels of a happy life."

I mean...people of Earth, honestly...let's be cognizant of ourselves. Keep it classy.

In other, completely unrelated news, I got super sunburned at the beach the other weekend and I am peeling like CRAZY. I could make another human being out of what is sloughing off my body.

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  1. "Actually, they're not really statuses anymore. They're super personal diary entries..."

    So, status updates are becoming blogs?!


    Full circle.


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