Monday, May 7, 2012

Twin Update

I haven't updated on the twins in the awhile, so I figured I'd do that today. I have some videos, but I'm going to post them tomorrow. Yay!

They can count to 5 on their fingers and 10 if they're just counting random stuff. I don't think they've realized there's another 5 fingers on the other hand they can count to 10 with. They love to count birds in the yard and flowers in the baskets. I like to throw curveballs in there sometimes like, "How many blades of grass are there?" They'll count to 10 about three times and then look at me like, "Heeeeey, you tricked us, lady." Harper can count backwards from 8. Piper Lee has found no purpose for it yet and prefers to count the regular way.

Our favorite song is the ABC song and it's only sung properly when sung at 100,000 decibels. Our neighbors should know the ABC song pretty well, too. They also like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. They also like to take the tune of both songs and just throw words in there...making up their own song. "Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy...bathtub fishies oatmeal rock."

Speaking of fishies, they are obsessed with fish and all things marine. Last weekend at the beach, we went to the bookstore in Seaside and I got them 10 beach/ocean-related books. They have DEVOURED them. I'm predicting at least one of them will be a marine biologist or work at SeaWorld. They especially like sea horses. Me, too,, too. You combine two of my favorite things.

They know the sign language to Jesus Loves Me. It's the sweetest thing. And they ask to sing it, which blesses my heart.

Harper loves all things accessories. When she first wakes up in the morning, she asks for her "pink ring" (a ponytail holder she puts on her index finger) and her "two hairbuhs" (two hair bows). She had been wearing a larger ponytail holder as a bracelet because I get nervous with them wearing their real silver bracelets that they have. They're outside 80% of the day, so I just foresee somebody striking it rich one day out there with a metal detector. But Aunt Moo (Sara) just got back from Africa and brought them some real bead bracelets and oh my gosh, you would have thought she gave them the world. Well, to Harper anyway. PL was like, "Hmm...nice." Harper has been wearing it for a week now and refuses to take it off.

Harper is the aggravator/instigator. Piper Lee is the peacemaker. She keeps to herself. Apparently, she's like my Uncle Brad (I've heard stories about their childhood). Totally calm and collected, but if you cross him one too many times, you wake the beast. Piper Lee is like that. She'll reach her limit with Harper and her limit is pretty generous. And she turns into this crazy rage monster and mows Harper down. Harps has had some pretty amazing bite marks. That's Piper's only weapon of choice. Harper never learns, though. She'll leave Pipes alone for a day or so and then she's back at it. A glutton for punishment. They have a system of checks and balances, I think, though.

We're working on the potty situation. They're favorite thing in the entire world is York Peppermint Patties. I say, "I'll give you TWO chocolate patties if you go tee tee on the potty." They'll ruuuun to their little potty, pull down their diapers, sit, and puuuuuuush. You can see the veins popping out of their neck. They know something is supposed to happen, but can't figure out how to make it work voluntarily. But, they're trying. Outside, when they're in their bathing suits, they know when they're going, so I think we're getting close. I'm not gonna push them. When they're ready. And I'm not above bribing them. It's not like I'll always have to give them chocolate when they go. I was trained with chocolate and most days, I'll go without a bribe.

Everything right now is "I do it!" They want to get up in their carseats by themselves. They want to wash their own hair. They want to put on their own clothes. They also want to help with everything. When I'm planting something, they'll lean over and say, "Piper/Harper help Mommy. Dirt." You see what they really want to do. But, they'll toss in a few handfuls of soil, pat it down, and then steal a few handfuls to make some mud with around the side of the house.

Piper Lee is so brave. She isn't afraid of anything. Harper is the biggest fraidy cat. She sticks right with Piper. But, they both love lizards, which is funny to me. They're really close to catching one. I don't know what they'll do when they actually do catch one, though. One jumped on Harper the other day and she hyperventilated and stood paralyzed for a few seconds until David got it off of her.

They're favorite hobby is coloring. They like to draw smiley faces, sunshines and fish, of course. And whales, which look like the fish, just bigger. They like for me to draw all the shapes for them, but all of the shapes need eyes, duh, so they add them later. Target's $1 section is perfect because it's filled with coloring books and we go through about 6 coloring books a week.

Speak of the devil(s), they want me to draw some shapes for them.  Have a wonderful Monday!

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