Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Going North...

Well, Hugs and I are leaving at the nudie crack of dawn in the morning to catch a jet plane to Vancouver. We'll be hanging out in Vannycou for a couple of days...hiking in Stanley Park, having high tea at the Urban Tea Merchant (girly, I know), touring around Canada Place and Gastown, and eating at some coolio restaurants. 

On Friday afternoon, we will head to the bay and catch a cruise ship to Alaska. It was David's turn to pick and he wanted to go somewhere cold. Not that I'm complaining. I'm stoked! Just, I mean...I had Fiji picked out before he reminded me it was his year. But, he let me plan all of our excursions. You know how I love to plan. I've been to Alaska once before when I was 15. That's the year Peter got lost on the cruise ship, I got drunk off the orange juice/vodka cocktails left in our rooms as a welcoming gift, and Dad got so mad at us kids one night that he told us to "Get ready for supper! Go wash your hands, wash your face, and wash your feet!.............Yes, I heard what I said. Don't laugh." That was a fun trip (really). 

And I'm excited to experience the wonders of Alaska with Davey Pooh. We'll have wi-fi in Vancouver and we should have full cell signal in Alaska, so I'll try to load pictures on Twitter and keep you updated on our goings on, eh. 

Here's our Alaskan itinerary...

First day is cruising up the Inside Passage. Which means I will be sleeping, eating, and sitting on the balcony. David will probably do the same and will most likely be attached to his Kindle.

Second day is Ketchikan. That morning, we're taking a sea plane to go look at the Misty Fjords and some glaciers by air. The afternoon, we're going kayaking around the Tatoosh Islands.

Third day is Icy Strait Point. We're doing a whales, wildlife, and brown bear search. Basically, a whale watching, otter, and sea lion boat trip and then hiking through a forest to look for bears?? I'm kind of vague on the details. I'm hoping it's more like we watch them from a safe distance.

Fourth day is Juneau. I grew up saying Hoo-no, but now they're telling us it's Joo-no. Who-knows. That morning we're hiking on the Mendenhall Glacier and doing another boat ride to watch whales. But this one only has a group of 7 people and we'll be in a tiny boat getting really close to the whales. Now, that I think about it, I'm not so sure about this excursion. That afternoon, we're visiting an Alaska sled dog camp to take a sled ride and play with the puppies. That one might get cancelled because the first excursion that morning is alllll day and I feel like we (me) will be wiped out. Even though I REALLY want to play with the puppies.

Fifth day is Skagway. We're taking a train ride into the Yukon on the White Pass Railway. And then hiking a little bit in the Yukon and seeing those emerald lakes that are up there.

Sixth day is cruising around the Hubbard Glacier. More sleep.

Seventh day is Seward. We are doing a fjords cruise (fast boat that takes you up into the fjords and surrounding cliffs and visiting the Seward Sealife Center (we get to pet puffins!). Then, a bus will take us to the airport in Anchorage.

And that's about it. David's sister, Rebecca, and bro-in-law, Richard, will be traveling with us! We have a room right next to each other. I'm thinking secret knocks, you guys! We have a table together at dinner, but they're doing slightly different excursions. By slightly, I mean, they're going rock climbing and zip lining and whale riding. My doc said no whale riding. :( Becs and I have a spa day planned, so I'm very much looking forward to that, eh.

My wonderful parents and brothers and sweet cousin Drew and family friends have offered to take care of the girls while we're gone. It takes a village to keep twins for 12 days. No, really. And we are eternally grateful to all of them. Mom, you can do it! I owe you big time. I'll name this kid Sandro.

(Y'all pray for my parents.)

I'll be back sometime in June with pictures! Eh! Maple syrup!


  1. It would only be fitting to watch "Strange Brew" before you leave.

    I've only been to Canada once -- to Montreal, but I'd love to visit Vancouver. Wave to all the smarty pants professors at Regent College for me, k?

  2. um. there was a bear in geneva last week. Someone hit it with their car. How do you not see that one coming?! It has to be true, someone put a picture on facebook...


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