Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tomorrow, Jerry, and Advice

Well, guys, we (I) decided we (I) couldn't wait until October to find out what this kiddo is gonna be so we'll find out tomorrow morning! I'm suuuuper excited! I keep asking the girls do they want a brother or sister and they keep saying "kitty,"so....I think they're gonna be disappointed either way. Because, unless David is a ThunderCat and never told me, this kid's coming out furless. I'll update on my Twitter feed on the right! Boy, girl, or ThunderCat! (My guess is girl!!)

So, y'all know about Melton/Melvin (still not sure which it is). The A/C was finally "fixed" and the never-ending phone calls telling us not to keep paint cans in the garage finally stopped. Then, two weeks ago...disaster. And by disaster, I just mean the A/C went out again. We assumed it was the same problem...a leak in an evaporator coil. (At the time, Melton used a product in it that would supposedly seal the leak and he refilled the freon and it worked great for awhile.) We talked about it for a good 30 minutes and decided to call Melton because, despite his Melton-ness, I felt he was an honest guy. Lo and behold, he was out of town, babysitting his grandkids in South Carolina. So, we called a local all-around contractor type of company in the area and they sent out a child. Seriously, he could not have been more than 12. And he was a teensy bit cocky, but whatever. Just fix my air. He climbed up in the attic and sure enough, a leak. All the freon was gone. He said the coil and air compressor unit or something would have to be replaced, but our unit was rare (??) and it would be really hard to find the parts. He "called around" to all the area suppliers and nobody had any, so they'd have to special order it. Overall, it would cost about $3800. Now, I don't know a lot about air conditioning, but that just seemed like a lot of money for a couple of parts. I mean, don't entire systems cost about that? I told him we'd talk about it and let him know. Ha, talk about it. Heck no, we called somebody else for a second opinion.

Second guy came and said the same thing, except he could get the parts no problem. Our system was one of the most common out there and he could get the part in the morning and fix it all for $1200. MUCH BETTER. He said the leak was small enough that he could refill us on freon and that would be all we'd need because he could fix it in two days and be done. We said suuuuure, do it. What did we know. Five gallons of freon and $500 later, we had cool air. For 36 hours. We called those folks again and they said, "There must be a clog. We'll have to purge the entire system, find the clog, clean it out, replace the coil and refill you on freon. But, if we can't find the clog, we'll have to replace the entire unit, which will cost about $4000 for the unit, not counting the purging and cleaning and labor." So...not cool.

Another guy came out, same thing. Another guy called to come out and said he was 30 minutes away and I said I had cancelled that service call and sorry he hadn't been notified. He said it was totally fine and he was happy to talk to me on the phone anyway because I had a nice voice. He "likes to talk to the ladies and hear their voices." WHAAAAAAT??

I was telling my Mom about all our troubles and she called a friend of theirs that lives in Birmingham. He and his wife suggested we call Jerry, a good friend of theirs that is an A/C repairman. I gave in and called Jerry. He came out yesterday. Very nice. Said the exact same thing as everybody else, but he added, "There's no clog. Your system looks brand new inside and out. I can get your part and fix it on Friday for $700. Will that work?" I almost cried, but instead I did what every emotional woman would do, I hugged him. Two weeks with no air and a possible future of paying $4000 all taken away on Friday for $700. I was a pretty happy gal. Jerry is our new best friend. I won't put his contact info on here, but if you need him, you let me know.

Okay, A/C story done. I just had to share because I'm so elated.

Girls, advice. Bangs or no bangs? I hate my forehead right now.


  1. No bangs, even though they look cool. Four words:
    Pregnant in summer.

    'Nuff said. Look, I just did this last year -- the whole being pregnant in summer thing. And it's miserable hot. Love you some swimming pool and some A/C but don't do the bangs just yet. You'll be killing yourself come July b/c you'll want to grow them out and can't pin them over, etc. etc. Get a cute cut after the baby is born to make yourself feel better b/c you don't back bounce to pre-baby body as fast, or, if you're like me...EVER.

  2. Bangs. Best decision I have ever made with my hair. They are pure awesome. Me and my bangs have been together for 5 years and we love each other. It adds the perfect bit of radness to your head. Just talk to Courtney or SB or whoever cuts them and talk about your hair type and texture and they'll give you advice on how to get them to act right if they give you grief.



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