Monday, May 21, 2012

Last Week

Last Sunday, before bed, David and I prayed for a "good news" week. We got GREAT news all around. 

Guys, we finally sold the house. YAY!!!!! I say "finally" like it's been 100 years. I know it takes longer than it took us in many cases, but it felt like an eternity. It was the most stressful experience we've ever been through. I think it was mainly so crappy because I work from home and I have the girls with me, so having a showing is a huge inconvenience. And it's hard to keep a house "show-worthy" with two crazies running around. So often the showing window would be 2-3 hours and I wasn't going to leave for that long, so I'd just sit and wait until they got here and herd the girls outside in the yard. But, sometimes, the people would come right at the beginning of the window, which was great. Or sometimes, they'd come right at the end, which meant I had to work and keep the house perfect while the girls were inside just in case they came at anytime. And sometimes, the people wouldn't show at all. The folks who ended up getting it was the original couple who made the contingency back in February. We had another offer, but it was CRAZY. Like, laughable. Which makes me sound like a snob, but in this price range, uh, yeah, it was ridiculous. We countered and they countered, but it was getting nowhere. And the next day, the originals lifted the contingency because they sold their house and we were like "See ya, suckahs!" Our agent said they were not happy at all when they found out, but I'm like, "Dude, don't be so cheap." The other people offered us asking price. I mean...duh. Anyways. 

The inspection was done two weeks ago and we got word that we passed! The appraisal was done last Wednesday and we got word on Friday that it was awesome! So, we are in the clear. I mean, there's always the chance that the folks could back out at the last minute and we understand that, but I think they're in it for good. Our close date is set for June 8. We move out on June 9. And we hand over the keys on June 10. I'm actually kind of sad now. Yay for selling the house, but we've been here for 7 years and there are so many memories. I know I'll get homesick for it here and there. We're moving into an apartment for 3-4 months and building our dream home. I mean "dream home" in the sense that it will be the perfect house for us and our family. Not "dream home" in the sense that it's on a private Caribbean island with a waterfall in the foyer and koi pond in the living room and jet skis going to and from the mainland. Dream home in the realistic sense and we're so grateful. Yeah, we're cutting it close...timing it just when baby will be getting here. 

Speaking of baby, we prayed last Sunday for good news concerning Baby #3 and just wanted all-around good report on Friday. We got a great report. Baby could not be looking any better, says the ultrasound tech. 

And we also got some extra special, extra surprising news...IT'S A BOY! What the what?!?! I was completely shocked. I "knew" it was a boy, which made me think it was a girl the whole time. David's been saying this whole time it was a boy, but I was like, "Oh okay." We didn't care at all, but I was just flabbergasted. I made the tech show me the parts twice because I couldn't believe it. When she centered over the bottom, I was like, "That's definitely not a girl," but it didn't sink in until she said, "You guys are having a boy!" Sweet sister Sara came to the appointment with us and we were all like, "WHAT?!" Well, "we" as in me and Sara. David just stood there smiling and said, "Told you." 

Little crossed feetsies. 


And now that I know it's a boy, he looks like a boy! With a little Whoville nose. 

We are just crazy excited. I don't know what to do with a boy. I guess you feed and change them, too, right? I know we've gotta be extra careful in the diaper changing times, too. Lots of surprise sprays, from what I hear. The twins already love him. Mostly. They've been saying "baby brudder" this weekend and touching my tummy, but I can tell a kitty would have been the bee's knees for them. It's weird saying "he" and "him." We're just so thankful for this little guy.

Baby brother Noah just finished his masters at Ole Miss and graciously offered to come and stay with us a little last week through this coming Tuesday. We desperately needed his help with packing and moving and he more than offered that. We got SO much done this weekend. I can't even tell you. David and I have been slowly packing over the last several weeks, but we rented a storage unit and the boys took load after load to it yesterday. The whole attic, which was my biggest stress factor, is completely empty. I never thought that would happen. Ever. And the garage is almost empty. So, when we actually move, it won't be quite so crazy. The storage unit will hold stuff that we'll take to the house with us, but is not coming to the apartment. The apartment will only have the bare essentials. Maybe the twins, too. Noah and David were pulling boxes down yesterday and said, "Ruth, we found your childhood." Apparently, I had some boxes up there with trophies and certificates and what not. I hoard sentimental stuff and a few times yesterday, I had to envision being on Hoarders and make the decision to give something up. Like, these awesome antique chairs I got years ago. You can't really sit in them, but they're so cute! David has been begging me to give them up for awhile now. I said yesterday, "Ooh! What if we drill a big hole in the seat and put a potted plant in them! No, no...that's what a hoarder would do." So, I gave them up. See, I'm growing. But, he tried to get me to get rid of childhood stuff. I told him I'd get rid of the trophies if he got rid of half of his books. He almost cried. So, heh, that's never gonna happen. The trophies are with us forever. As are the books. Sigh.

It was just a really busy, but really great week. God is so good. And we are so blessed.


  1. don't tell me you got rid of old chairs...i want them!!! please tell me you haven't disposed of them already.

  2. Here's the thing with a boy. You need to cover his . . . ummm . . . boy parts while changing his diaper. Otherwise he will pee straight in your eyes, mouth, and nose. Or so I've heard. ;)

  3. LOVE having my boy. And, I've gotten sprayed, but you really can tell when it's coming if you're paying attention and not staring at something shiny. Congrats!


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