Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Christmas in July

You's only Wednesday. BOYCOTT! I don't know what we're boycotting, but it makes me feel better to say it. 

This past weekend, we celebrated Christmas in July with my family. Baby brother Noah is leaving for Laos on Saturday and he won't be home for Christmas (more about that later this week). It's his favorite time of year, so Mom decided we'd go ahead and have our family Christmas so we could have it with him. Mom decorated the house, we had our full-out Christmas breakfast, Christmas music was playing in the background, and we exchanged gifts. And also swam in the pool because it was like 100 outside. It was weird, sure, but soooo much fun and felt like the real thing. Doesn't matter when you celebrate it. It was special because the family was together. And it actually worked out nicely, because we decided last year would be the last year we traveled far over Christmas since the girls are at the age where they know what's going on and we wanted the kids to have Christmas at their own house. And David's family has graciously offered to come up/down and spend part of Christmas with us in Birmingham. I just said "Christmas" like 29 times. 

These are a mix of Dad's and Noah's pictures and they're out of order, but here you go!

Her hair looks like it was cut, but it's not. Just a mess of curls in the back. This is Harps.



Pipes. She insisted on wearing them.

You never know what lurks below...

Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh dododooooooooooooooo...(that's the Jaws theme...could you not tell?)

But sometimes, the air-breathers above are onto you.

Au Moo and Uncle Bly. 

Ignore the puffy mess that is my face. It's starting, y'all. I was hoping to avoid it this time around. 

 Uncle Pete.

Opening presents.

The fam sans Virginia Kate. She couldn't make it this weekend, but Sara is getting me a picture (get me a picture, Sara!) of her to Photoshop her in.

Saturday night, we had a surprise going-away party for Noah and joint 75th birthday party for Mamaw G.

Several years ago, we were taking a family Christmas picture for cards and I set up the tripod and had the family walk on the driveway toward the camera. I said, "Okay, everybody walk casually and nonchalantly." We start going and everybody is doing great and then we notice Dad...who is walking like a robot. Apparently, that's his "casual walk." So, now we always have to do a robot walk picture for Dad. Oh, and Sara is wearing a boot because she was involved in a "freak wake surfing accident." You know, the kind that "never" happens. We think Bryan talked back to her and her foot had its way with his face.
 Le Tree.


This tiny wood house is QUITE something to behold, my dears. I put a doll in and I cahn't seem to get it out.

Au Moo scaring the twinsers.

HO HO HO...hey, who you callin' a ho?

 The most dramatic swimmer ever.

At the lake, both girls jumped from a 5-6' rock ledge into the lake. But, would they jump from a 3' ledge into the pool? Nope.

But they would let David hold them while jumping in. Crazy kids.

David will tell you "They wouldn't let me in the picture," but that's not true at all. He was in the back aggravating everybody.

So, Merry Christmas, Boog! 

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