Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Le Bebe's Name

Remember that time I said I was gonna tell y'all yesterday what the name was and then didn't? That was funny, huh. I had every intention to, I promise. Yesterday just got away from me.

I had my glucose test early in the morning and PASSED. What what! The orange drink was not nearly as delicious as I remember it being when I took the test with the girls. It had a kick to it. A spicy kick. Blegh. I'm starting to make my rounds through all the doctors in the practice just in case somebody else delivers bean boy, so I met with Dr. North yesterday. He sounds like he's from waaaaay up north. He's actually the one who delivered the girls. And he looks like a Dr. Seuss character, which is adorable. He's very energetic in an almost scary way, but pretty cool. I met with him for about 1 minute and 20 seconds. The majority of the visit was just sitting around waiting for my test to be over. These few visits are the annoying ones. You drive to the office, sit around, wait, have your BP taken, wait some more, get weighed, wait, meet with the doctor for one second, check out, and head home. I know I'm complaining, but truth is, I'm very blessed and thankful to have had a relatively easy pregnancy with no complications, so I really shouldn't whine. Anyways. I was just happy I passed the glucose test. One more 4-week visit and then every 2 weeks. It's sneaking up on me!

So, the name. David and I have actually had a name picked out even before we got pregnant, but we didn't want to tell it until we knew for SURE that was the name. And the middle name was always up in the air, so we wanted to have everything nailed down first. And even then, we thought, "Oh, it'll be fun to wait until after he's born," but it's not much of a surprise to us because we would have already known the name and I hate waiting, so...the name. Baby Boy is...

Sutton David

Yay! We like it. Now, for where it comes from.

We went through a TON of different family names. Some of which are on both sides of our families. William, Bowen, Houston, etc. I made a list of all of David's family names and all of my family names (girls and boys) and David actually picked this one out of the list. Sutton is the last name of my relatives on my maternal grandfather's side. It is a common Old English and Scottish surname. It means "from the South Town" or "from a southern settlement." I'm assuming that means from the south of England, but it's also fitting here, too, because he will be from the South, so that works. My great Uncle Raymond has a ton of info about the Suttons that he's sending my way. Places and dates of births and deaths. All the way back to the 1700's. I'm sooooooo excited! But this is the info that I have right now and it's pretty awesome. I wrote a post a couple of years ago about Missouri Jane Sutton (where we got Harper's middle name from) and her dad, Indian Jim Sutton. He was a full-blooded Cherokee. That's probably where the nickname came from. Here's the story (copied from my previous post).

Uncle Raymond said they found a news article from October 13, 1898. It's about James "Indian Jim" Russell Sutton, Missouri Jane's father, which would make him my great-great-great grandfather. Indian Jim married Mary and they had Missouri Jane and Missouri had Esther and Esther had my Papaw G. So, I told you that Missouri Jane was kind of rambunctious and didn't put up with anything and they came from a long line of moonshiners. (Which is where the real Bogue and Weejer got it from.) 

October 13, 1898
On Gunters Mountain, a few miles from Grant, at 8 0'clock Monday morning, Jeptha Reynolds, a sawmill man, aged about 50, had a misunderstanding with Indian Jim Sutton, a farmer of about the same age. Knives and rocks were used. Reynolds was cut on the head with a rock and knocked down. The fight continued, with Sutton on top. Reynolds cut across Sutton's body twice, once severing a lung, then laying open the bowels and severing the two intestines. Sutton then arose, gathering his hanging intestines in his hands and started for assistance. His wounds were necessarily Fatal. This happened down in Kennamer's cove. Indian Jim walked back up to the top of the mountain to a relative's house (he may have gotten a ride in a wagon). He died at that relative's house after a day or two of terrible suffering.

April 20, 1899
Jeptha Reynolds stands acquitted of the killing of James Sutton.

(Font size is being weird and I can't fix it. Sorry for the hugeness.)
Crazy, right?? But the Sutton family members didn't all get into fights. They were really nice moonshiners and loved family. But, Uncle Raymond has that info and I'll share it with you soon!

This is a name from the Bible. And we liked it. The end. Ha, no, obviously "David" is a very special name. It's always been one of my favorite names ever, so lucky me that I got to marry a David! Who also happens to be a David, Jr. So, his Daddy's name is David and my Daddy's name is David. I called my grandmother and asked why she decided on the name for Dad and she said, "I always liked the name and I could name him whatever I wanted, so I did." Sounds good to me, Mamaw. I am all for that. David's family name has a little history to it. His grandmother has traced the name being used in their family back to the 1700's...before the Revolution. There have been multiple David Tinsleys throughout their family's ancestry, but the first one seems to be from the 1700's. They're still working on some of the info, but this is what we have so far. There was a man, who was a preacher to the colonies. Back then, you had to be a member of the Church of England and he refused to abide by their rules. So, he was imprisoned for preaching the Gospel. How cool is that?! Not cool that he was in prison, but cool that there is such a strong family legacy with the name. I know Sutton will be proud to carry it on. And we are very honored to get to pass the name to our son. 

There you have it. Pipes, Harps, and Sutts. Sounds like a law firm. 

Btw, had Sutton been a girl, her name would have been either Sutton Luna, Sutton Daphne, or Sutton Ruby. All after grandmothers and very special ladies. 

Uncle Raymond sent me the updated info on the Suttons. And here it is! It's going from most recent to the beginning.

The Suttons had a lot of kids. They also lived in a lot of different places. Rumor has it that they had to move a lot to stay ahead of the law. (nice)
My Mom's Mom (my grandma) was Missouri Sutton Dennis. Born 1884. Occupation, moon shiner and merchant. 

Her dad was James Munroe Sutton Born in 1861. He was a farmer. 

James Russell Sutton was "Indian Jim". (So, Indian Jim was actually Missouri Jane's grandfather, not father.) He was born in 1833 in Missouri. Moved to Alabama when he was a young adult. Died after a knife fight on 11 Oct 1898. He served in Company E of Mead's Confederate Cavalry.  His tombstone still stands at Old Union Cemetery in Grant Alabama (I actually have a picture of this.) 
John C. Sutton: Born 1806 in South Carolina.  
James Dozier Sutton: Born 1784 in North Carolina. He was a blacksmith.
James D. Sutton: Born 1750 in Green Briar Creek, Virginia. He was the owner of Sutton's Mill.
Benjamin Sutton (yes, I thought of Benjamin Button, too): Born 1700. No other info on birth or death.


  1. Perfect name! And I had no idea that if it was a girl, you were going to name her after my little Ruby dog! ;)

  2. Great name! And I love all the family connections with it. Goes well with the girls' names too.

  3. Indian Jim was my GG Grandfather. I would me nice to connect to share info.
    Tim P

    1. Tim, I would LOVE that! My great Uncle Raymond has a ton of info about the family history. Email me at


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