Monday, July 16, 2012

So Quiet

Uncle Raymond sent me some more info about Sutton's name (and thanks, you guys! Glad you like it!) and I added it to the bottom of the previous post. Thanks, U. Ray! Hey, that'd be a good rapper name.

It's crazy quiet here this morning. David's fabulous parents are keeping the twinsers this week for us. I have a lot of work and I think it's as important for the girls to get a break from me as much as I need one from them. They're perfect babies and I love them more than life, but good gracious, they're exhausting. And they needed to get out of the apartment and I was okay with that. But now it's so quiet and I miss them! But, I mean, they're having a great time and GranJan and Papa's, so who am I to disrupt that. So, it's just me and the Suttsman this week. Well, and Davey, too, but he's at work right now.

We drove down yesterday after lunch to take the girls. We were serenaded by all sorts of songs. They named all the letters on all the billboards and told us the shapes and colors of all the signs. After two hours of that, David and I had the crazy eyes. You know the cartoon eyes that have red spirals in them? That was us. But, we were laughing because those kids are nuts. They took a nap at the end of the trip, which was nice. And they were sooo excited to see "GreeJee" and  "Papa."

Mom called when we were almost to GJ and Papa's house and said, "Aw, y'all please stop by here and let us see the girls before you get there!" And I said, "We're almost there. But, after we drop them off, David and I will come by and visit." And she goes, "Aw, no...that's okay." Nice, Mom.

On Saturday, Bryan, Sara, and Bryan's parents invited us up to the lake, so we headed up there for the day. The past two summers at the lake have been wonderful, but a little more intense with the girls just because they were too young to really enjoy it. But, they had the best day. Oh my gosh, we had such a good time. We went riding on the pontoon boat first thing and Virginia Kate surfed out back on the big trampoline inner-tube thing. Well, the girls wanted a part of that, so they switched out the inner-tube for a 3-seater and David, Sara, VK, and the twins rode in it. Like, two and a half year olds riding an inner-tube behind a boat and LOVING. IT. Yes, they were wearing life jackets, duh. Noah and I could seen their toothy grins from the boat, but Sara and David said they were laughing hysterically the whole time.

Then, we all went swimming off the boat house. I've never been a huge fan of swimming in a lake. I mean, it felt AMAZING and the water is very clean. But, the fact that I don't know 100% what's below me weirds me out a little bit. But the girls were oblivious and had a great time. We swam to some rocks that the family plays on a lot and the girls watched VK jumping off a pretty high rock ledge into the water and decided they wanted to do it. I said, "They'll never do it." Uh, they totally did it. Jumped right to Bryan. I was shocked. And back up they went for another round.

They took a nap on the boat and went swimming some more with VK. I think they're born adventurers/dare-devils. Obviously, they slept great that night. And we have lots of pictures, but Noah has them all and will share them with me next weekend, so I'll have them next week.

I'm going to try to finish Alaska (wow, that was forever ago) and be done with it. Maybe one day I can get back to blogging the way I used to. Right now, it's hard for me to think in complete.

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