Thursday, February 19, 2009

'Fraidy Pants my family, we like to scare each other...whether it's waiting in a dark recess in the hallway for some unsuspecting sibling or parent to walk by or wearing panty hose over your head and jumping out of the closet at 3:00 in the morning towards your father, who falls on the floor, gasping for breath (which is what my mom did to my grandfather when she was a teenager). I don't know why, but we all get a kick out of it. It's ridiculous, but whatevs. Which is probably also the reason I scare very easily. I'll jump at, the other day, iCal chirped up to alert me to something...scared the ever living mess out of me. My friends and family take advantage of this fact...funny, funny people. My mom's parents live right near my parents and my grandfather sneaks into the woods and waits to scare my parents while they're exercising on the driveway (they live out in the country, long driveway, anyway). Sometimes Papaw will fall asleep against a tree while he's waiting for them to walk by, but that's another story. 

So, here are my brothers Noah and Peter scaring my parents (just my Mom, really...Dad's kind of immune to it all now) as they're going for their daily speed walk...


  1. PS - I hate, loathe and despise being scared. So leave me a alone.

  2. shouldn't you have had to get me to sign a release before you put me on the internet? i think this involves privacy issues and you have invaded my privacy and i am going to find me a lawyer!!


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