Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Days

I was recently asked by a good buddy of mine, "What do you do all day? Do you just sleep late and sit around and watch TV and blog all day?" After I scooped her up off the floor with a spatula from the beat-down she just received from my wide-open palm, I politely responded, "Au contraire, mi amigo...I am a very busy little bee." This is how a normal Ruthie-Day would go...

5:00 am - Get awoken by David's alarm clock

5:07 am - Get awoken by David's alarm clock AGAIN because he hit snooze

5:14 am - Punch David in the face because his alarm clock woke me up for the third time

5:32 am - Get awoken for the fourth, and final, time by David hugging me "bye" but I don't punch him this time because it's sweet and the last time he'll wake me up for the morning

6:38 am - Wake up with my own alarm snooze...just get up the first time like a normal person would

6:39-7:11 am - Get dressed, fix hair, brush teeth

7:12 am - Let Seumas out for his morning wee

7:14 am - Have my quiet time

7:24 am - Fix some toast and either hot tea or chocolate milk 

7:30 am - Start work

8:23 am - Save Seumas from the inevitable beating he's about to receive from Blue as she's cornered him in the bathroom...again

9:17 am - Chocolate break

9:18 am - Break from the chocolate break

9:19-9:27 am - Catch up on blogs, news, etc. 

9:28 am - Back to work

10:18 - Yell at Seumas and Blue to "KEEP IT DOWN!" 

11:53 am - Lunch and/or nap and/or meet with friends for lunch and/or extra chocolate break

12:53 pm - Back to worky work

2:29 pm - Chocolate break

2:31 pm - Read some more news, blogs, youtube stuff

2:37 pm - Let Seumas out for his afternoon wee

2:38 pm - Back to work

3:30 pm - Done with work for the day

3:32 pm - Release Seumas from the deathgrip in which he was ensnared by the ever-powerful Blue cat

3:36 pm - Jog outside if it's warm and sunny, bike inside if it's wet and crappy

4:01 pm - Catch up on Lost, whatever I rented from Netflix, Top Chef reruns

5:05 pm - Do laundry, dishes, straighten up house, run errands if needed

5:34 pm - Eat supper whilst listening to the pant pant pant SCREEEEECH tick tick tick tickity HISS SPIT SPIT SLAP DEATHCLAW pant pant patter patter patter ARF ARF HISSSSS of the delicate ballet that is Blue swatting Seumas, Seumas running after Blue, Seumas biting Blue's tail, Seumas running off and Blue dominating him in the face

5:57 pm - Take a shower

6:13 pm - Finish any freelance work...if none, I'll watch something good on TV, read a book, paint, draw, blog, or whatever...if I do have freelance work, I'll sometimes go until about 9:30 pm working on it

9:31 pm - David is usually home by now (this schedule is just for tax season...after tax season, my evenings are a LOT more fun)

9:32 pm - Watch Seumas spaz out because he's so happy David's I haven't been with him all day. We'll catch up on each other's day and while he's taking a shower, I get ready for bed

9:51 pm - Let Seumas out for his night wee and put him up for the evening

9:55 pm - We're usually in bed and will watch an episode of Due South or Friends or something silly and light

10:48 pm - Hugs, kisses, prayers, lights out (like camp...except they won't let you hug and kiss a boy at camp)

And that's my day. It's pretty uneventful. When David's home sans tax season, after 5:32 pm, it's like Cirque du Soleil at the house without all of the creepiness and painted people. 

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